Saturday, November 20, 2021

Kew - the sky was dull but the trees weren't

 Once more I had a lovely trip to Kew today. Apart from a couple of elderly ladies thinking they could jump the queue to get in first as members all was calm!  My friend Linda who I often see in the queue and I politely pointed out we were too and had  also  been waiting to get in... 

however, the colours inside soon made me forget them and carry on with my walk..

the tree at the side of the pond was stunning
and then I headed back past the entrance and into the arboretum to enjoy the autumn colours

on the corner of the path where it turns towards the gallery, is a big star, part of the Christmas at Kew trail.  it looked quite good even  in "daylight"  and not lit up

the two biggest trees which have shed all their leaves, are strung with lights, I bet they look amazing at night
I had more time today as I wasn't needing to rush off to sort out PC problems,  so I could visit the Zadok Ben-David exhibition again

I do love this peacock in the display cabinet towards the end of the exhibition

from there I walked across the grass towards the Temperate House and as I got to the avenue where you can see the Palm House in the distance, I was struck by the patterns of leaves on the grass - stripes formed by the different colours of the trees.  (more of this later)

Not very much of huge interest in the Temperate House, apart from the Tamarillo Tree tomatoes - which are changing colour since I last saw them
back outside and I'm heading towards the lake

at the lake I bumped into Linda again and as I crossed the lake, to another couple we often talk to at the gates.

a lot of the trees have dropped leaves but the colours and reflections were still good.  

as I walked round to the top of the lake, I came across this stunning red  tree that Linda had mentioned.

just beautiful

round the other side of the lake you get a slightly closer view
but further on is another even more beautiful specimen
this beauty is at the side of the pond halfway along Cedar Vista 

I may have got a bit carried away

even against a grey sky, the leaves pop

as i walked further along, I kept looking back..

as I walked round the woodland area, I came across a huge "fairy ring" of mushrooms...

and further along, the bear they relocated after one of the autumn events several years ago, 

a little further on another ring of mushrooms 

at the Japanese Garden now

the liquidamber tree has lost lots of it's leaves but is still looking fabulous

there was a peacock wandering around in the gravel. It looks as if it needs -re-raking soon not least to remove all the fallen leaves

the trees around the Japanese Garden were looking amazing

then I walked back down the path towards the Temperate House again

as I walked along towards the Palm House I had a good scuffle through the leaves..  
they reminded me of a patchwork

just across the path another liquidamber tree

the big tree to the left of the border to the rose garden is still amazing, but most of the leaves from the cherry trees around the rose garden have dropped.

I headed the other way to get something to eat
I sat on the war memorial bench to eat my sausage roll - I got it to take away, no plate or knife and fork today as they've moved all the outside seating area for Christmas at Kew and inside was full -   
so no snack photo today!

then I went back into the gift shop and bought the newly arrived book of the Zadok Ben-David exhibition (which I've not had a chance to properly look at yet)

 before retracing my steps and headed round the pond 

the Kew wreath for Remembrance Sunday was still in the little porch with the list of names of fallen Kew employees

I almost forgot to look at the mahonia round the pond,  my neighbour has one which is in more flower than this 
the dogwoods along the side of the pond looking striking 
then into the Princess of Wales conservatory

I couldn't see what this is, but the shape and shine of the ? stems?  struck me

I am not sure if the titan arum is going to flower or if this is a slightly different one  
as you can see my lens wouldn't clear!

there were still some orchids flowering

and in the Alpine House some small narcissus

forgot to look at the label on these

outside now, through the rock garden

a solitary bullrush, covered in fluff
through the arch into the evolution garden,  

it's a bit late for a passionflower to be in bloom outside, but there was only one flower left!
that's more like it,  much more flower on this mahonia

went to check on these 

the callicarpa berries again 

the Hive
this week I went to look at the tree by the side of the Princess of Wales conservatory

Lagerstroemia "muskogee"  

what a beauty

then I made my way to the exit and home

thanks for looking  - seeyou  next week!  



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I had to laugh at the elderly women trying to jump the line.

Lots of gold and yellow in the beginning, then the reds started to appear, especially around the lake. You can never have too many reds in autumn.

I agree that the peacock is lovely, but I'm starting to appreciate the colored side of the exhibit.

I don't remember seeing the bear before. Is it made of wood?

I barely recognized the pattern in the gravel where the peacock was standing. Those Japanese maples were fabulous.

That Kew wreath for Remembrance Sunday is beautiful and heartwarming. Thanks for taking me to this awesome colorful Kew visit this week, Helen.

Celtic house said...

I had to giggle at your member comment, we had a similar discussion at Chatsworth with one of the guides as we are members there, he commented that we fell into two categories, one where members feel like they can make up their own rules and rule the place and the others that are down to earth and lovely, thankfully he indicated we fell into the latter category.

The trees at kew really are quite spectacular at this time of the year aren't they, I'm guessing the evening lights will also look fantastic, I've seen a few adverts for them recently. However, it is a shame they've done away with the outdoor seating, particularly if the indoor ended up so busy.

I love the exhibition pieces, I hope the book proves a good read, I love it when their is an accompanying book because it often gives some depth to the exhibition that it wouldn't have had without the read, if that makes sense.

I hope you've had a good weekend, apologies for my tardiness, the weekend ran away with itself.