Saturday, May 4, 2013

A brilliantly sunny May Day at Kew

I managed to tack an extra day onto the Bank Holiday weekend, and went to Kew - the forecast was good, better than today, when it is grey and gloomy.... yesterday however was fabulous!!

Here are some sunny photos for you!  I shot two rolls of film, and had to get them developed somewhere different to normal as the machine there was broken - I couldn't bear to wait till Wednesday to get these back...  however, it may have been quicker, I had to save each picture individually from the CD to the computer, as I couldn't find a bulk transfer option... it took a while, and they aren't in order of my walk round the gardens!!

 I did go a bit mad with the magnolias.

cherry blossom (I think)

I just love getting the buildings in the background, this is the Palm House behind.
The Temperate House - you will not believe how slowly people walk down the path even though you are stood there with your camera pointing... get out of the WAY!!!

the bluebells are just emerging in the Woodland Garden - love the dappled shade through these trees

 Queen Charlotte's Cottage - her hideaway in the grounds

They have built a Badger's Sett in the woodland garden for the children to explore, this carved gentleman guards the entrance to the area. I've never noticed him before!!
 the Palm House looking glorious - this is the "back" by the Rose Garden.
 the spring bedding in front of the Palm House - beautiful tulips here at the moment, some lovely colours

 More blossom, with the Princess of Wales Concervatory in the background

 Lots of fallen blossom
 Pretty flower bed displays
I loved the pattern the branches were throwing on the ground, in the sunshine

 I was laying full stretch on the slope to get these.. This is the hill that later in the year is covered in wild poppies... hope to do the same for them, at that time.   I only do this lying on the grass thing when it's totally dry!!
back to magnolias - beautiful colours
and the sky looks so blue behind them!
Up on the Treetop Walkway - wonderful views yesterday, clear skies and fabulous blossom in the foreground
 Liked the pattern the sun was making , this is the walkway itself, looking down to the undergrowth beneath.
Mr Peacock was sunning himself too!

Snake's Head Fritillary - so elegant. I was down low for this one too!

They've recently done some restorative work on these ornate gates at the Main Entrance.

Hope you enjoyed my day as much as I did!!