Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hot, Hot, Hot - (at Kew)

We've been "blessed" (if you like that kind of thing) with a spell of very hot - and hence being England; humid - weather. Personally I don't like it, it's too much for me.  However, I haven't been to Kew for weeks, and can't go next weekend when it is meant to be cooler.  So.... togged up in the "Wimbledon" outfit of maxi dress, straw hat and sunglasses (and suncream) off I went...
The Broad Walk is planted with beds either side of the Walk, in hot hot colours - loose planting, wvy lines of plants. Gorgeous.
Some beds are pink/red and purples

 or wispy yellows and oranges.

 Yarn bombing at Kew, how gorgeous does this tree look! Maybe the wool was woven from the carved sheep above...?
The beds in front of the Palm house were also looking glorious, again, hot hot colours.

 the doors to the Waterlily House were wide open - steamy hot inside, and outside!
the petals of this waterlily may be starting to fade, but it was beautiful!

 and I loved the markings on these leaves.

 Pod growing inside the Palm House (should have looked to see what it was.! )
 last time I went to Kew I had the camera on the wrong setting, this is what this picture of the Temperate House was meant to be like - empty of the plants whilst they undertaken massive restoration of this beautiful building.
and a close up of the stone carving outside.
 Blue blue skies and sunflowers - nothing prettier!
 big beds full of flowers everywhere
 This is the main thing I wanted to do today... last time it was shut because we'd had heavy rain but today, it was open...
sandals off, through you go..various different surfaces to walk through and over..designed for all ages.
 these were ok - smooth stones -
 and lovely tree trunks - followed by sections of bark, sand, logs (bit hard to balance with my camera, so missed those)
I also gave the muddy side a miss - went down the brick side - it would have been hard keeping the dress out of the mud!

The last section was willow, and funnily enough was the most uncomfortable of the lot!  But it was great fun - and a hosepipe to wash off at the end - I gave that a miss too, as there was a large group who'd obviously just gone through before me, and walked the mess off by staying barefoot a bit longer!

 beautiful pods
 and this was covered in bees
 tall thistles (the spot to the right is a bee, too)
moss covered water feature in the Secluded Garden. Decided it was a bit early to stop for Gin and Tonic (and the heat was giving me a headache too) even though it would have been lovely. It's a feature for the summer, only. Maybe next time!

Fallen daisies - presumably by the storm the other day - laying on the path, but looking good still.

At this point, it was nearly mid-day and the sun was beating down, so I headed home for a long cold drink!.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hampton Court Flower Show - part 3

Hampton Court isn't all about plants - well ok, it is, but there is a large trade stand area (that also get judged) and exhibitors take a lot of care with them..and the gardens use lots of amazing structures amongst their planting.
I could have spent thousands and thousands (if I had a garden, ha ha - and a large bank balance..)
Here are some of the highlights..
 beautiful fabric umbrellas (yes, this way up)
 water features..
can you spot (3) me in my maxi dress taking the picture!
 rusty metal (took this for Jo Myhill mainly)
 yes please!
 loved this too

 thought this was a bargain, rusty flower, £25..
 this wasn't £25.. loved the water feature
 and this fused glass sculpture - designed by Carrie Anne Funnell - they were GORGEOUS
and these poppies..

 beautiful masonry on this garden
 £12,000 anyone?  Mad Hatter's Tea Party indeed...
 The local schools enter a scarecrow competition each year, this year the theme was World War One, (for obvious reasons) hare are a couple
 lovely this one ( you can see how hot it was by the attire of this visitor taking a rest in the shade!)

 Loved this on the wall of the stand celebrating 50 years of Britain in Bloom (seem to have missed them out in the previous post, may have to do another one after all!)
 Did something I've always wanted to do - it was SO hot, just had to have a paddle (well dip my feet in) in the Long Water..there was a lot of this going on!  A much needed ice cream break!  oh, and the water is freezing!!
 you could have a go at flower arranging. very popular this.
 the length of the Floral Marquee
inspired planting, can see why it's been bought!
 cranberry anyone? (the cranberry and mango juice was delicious!)
 Tried to tweet this to Darcy for Colin to see...they were magnificent!
 ok another couple of gardens - this is from the Britain in Bloom one I mentioned above..
so pretty!

and finally (hurrah, I hear you say) another of my favourites,

 this was the Vestra Wealth's Vista - so pretty!
One of the blokes who'd worked on the build was there watering the plants (you can just see him through the silver birches) and was saying that they'd had so many delays with supplies arriving for the build they thought it wouldn't get done - but they did and it is gorgeous

 loved this, on top of the stacked log wall feature.

Well I don't think I've repeated any pictures from the earlier posts (I am getting confused now) and I thank you for staying with me!
Let's go again next year...