Saturday, July 30, 2016

Kew celebrates the Broad Walk

This weekend sees a weekend of events, talks demonstrations and events to celebrate the newly planted Broad Walk which as you know, I am a big fan of.  In the end although I went I didn't stop and listen to any of the talks... but I will scrap some of the bits and pieces I picked up later!

the first thing I saw today was the peacock.
I headed for the Broad Walk
 and some more close ups

 the Wild Flower meadow in the background, round the Hive, is growing so well and so fast

 staff cycling along the Broad Walk (it was "late" I didn't get there till nearly 9 today!)

 Wild flower meadow

 went to have a coffee and something to eat before the grounds open to the public at 10 (members get a free coffee from the Victoria Gate cafe before 10) sat down outside and the same peacock from before was showing off!

after a short rest watching flowers I was back off again

 sweetcorn in the vegetable garden
 borage (no Pimms to put it in sadly)

 bullrushes in the Rock Garden
 bright yellow bloom isolated against the waterfall

 back on the Broad Walk

 there were so many bees out gathering pollen, especially on this
 people were gathering round the tables now for the demonstrations and talks..
 this is Ellie, the girl who works in the Princess of Wales glasshouse and is responsible for the orchid displays. She was talking about conservatory plants
 Scabious in the Broad Walk borders

 Waterlily House ...

 getting really busy now... so different to my normal visits!

 love these bold orange blooms, so do the bees,

 back up to the Hive and the wild flower meadow again, think this is wild carrot

 lots of people up here now...
 there are about 35 varieties of wild flower in the meadow, apparently. shame I don't know what most of them are!

 outside the Princess of Wales glasshouse

 after lunch (stayed so long I had to stop for a sandwich too!) these beauties are outside the Orangery restaurant

 the last of the Sweet Chestnut blooms
and a final view of the Broad Walk..

I was there about 4 and a half hours today, took over 400 photos, it was so hard to limit this post to these, I hope you are still with me!!