Friday, December 9, 2016

Thursday night was party night....

the office Christmas party night, that is... or day to be more accurate.. Once again, Monica did us proud; another amazing day/night in London - MBA (that's us!)  does it in style!

We started with a ride on Southern trains (which, amazingly during a 3 day strike ran for us!)

First stop, was the Sanderson for afternoon tea... not just any old afternoon tea, the Champagne Mad Hatter's Tea Party tea 
 as you may imagine, an Alice themed menu,hidden in an old book; (you do not know how tempted I was to ... borrow... one of these!)

you should be able to enlarge it to read it (which was more than I could do for real, the print was TINY, even with glasses!)
 several different flavours of tea, or you could have regular English breakfast,  coffee, or hot chocolate

I went for Alice.  nice flavours, lovely smell, tasted great, but did stew quickly, so I didn't finish the pot...
 waitress taking our tea flavour orders.
left to right, Shaun, Lisa (a guest) Kirsty Phil.

 Josh, Lesley, Monica and Jeff (a guest)

tea is taken outside in a pretty courtyard,but there are heaters and blankets (if required) - it was a mild day so although the heaters were on, we didn't need further wrapping!

 such a pretty setting..
Shaun and Lisa.   we think he's thinking "what flavour tea?!"
individual tea pots with our flavour of choice
 and the savoury course arrives...
yummy!  green sandwich anyone?

my favourite was the quails egg scotch egg, the crab brioche bun (looks like a burger if you're trying to find it on the plate!) was also good.
 I nipped to the loo between courses and sweet arrived... they waited for me to photograph it before diving in... thanks, guys!

(they know me well!)

oh my... yummy or what...
 champagne flowed...
 just look at the pretty desserts...
 a little pot of ice cream...edible flowers and chocolate soil...

we were all on a 'sugar high' by now, so slowly headed for our next stop....

via the Oxford Street Christmas lights (poor in my opinion)

 Liberty.  Famous old store - love it... Monica, Lesley and I popped in for some retail therapy, while the others found a bar to sit down in for a while... we weren't that long, honestly....

The Regent Street lights are always hugely impressive

just loved them.   bit hard to dodge the buses to get these, but the things I do for you lot!!

down the side of Liberty

Liberty windows...

always love this entrance at Liberty, and the florist...

Monica wanted to take a picture of me... once she found the right button (!)  we had a few issues with people walking in front - not looking or listening to her pleas!

Carnaby Street lights.  Sixties iconic street in London , looking gorgeous.  We found the others in a bar just off here

then it was on to venue 2 - interim drinks before our main evening meal (yes, more food!) 

Beautiful tree outside,

no photos there, I just sat on a sofa - for your information, because I know you like to know these things, we went to Scarfes bar in the Rosewood Hotel on High Holborn

beautiful room, looked like a library in a huge mansion, and the walls were lined with (books) but also Gerald Scarfe cartoons.. wish I had got some pictures to be honest... however here is a link for you!  (sadly not decorated for Christmas!)

 then our  final venue, One Aldwych - hotel right opposite the theatre where the Lion King is on.  in the heart of Theatreland... (see how good I am being with all these links!)

We are going to start saving our champagne bottles to recreate this beauty!

lots of photos being taken..
 perusing the drinks menu...
Phil Monica and Josh

 Jeff and Lisa... it was something funny.. I guess you had to be there...
 trying to get the white balance settings adjusted for the lighting in the room....

 before going back to automatic
we all loved this tree!
 time for a(nother) drink in the bar before going upstairs to dinner...

Phil having a very serious conversation with Shaun...
the bribe wasn't big enough to leave this out!

 Jeff and I shared a bottle of Malbec, but we both loved the glasses, (couldn't get a very good photo!)  the wine was nice too!!

close up of the bottom of the tree
 we very lazily took the lift up (one flight of stairs) to the restaurant... couldn't resist another photo opportunity!

and the tree from upstairs

and that is where the photos stop... despite a dainty (but filling) afternoon tea some hours previously, we were ready for a 3 course dinner..

smoked salmon,
rib eye steak and chips with salad,
chocolate mousse with cherry sorbet

fell into bed at 1am and here I am writing this up before work....

Once again, we all owe a huge thanks to Monica for another amazing day/night out for our Christmas party.
Happy Christmas!!