Saturday, September 15, 2018

A double date!

Well, I am determined to go to Kew early as often as possible between now and the end of the month,  after which I can have some lie-ins before going.... It was also the first day of the Ally Pally craft show weekend.   I was dithering about going. 
Once again I left before sunrise, just as the sky was turning pink..
 as I walked round the back of the station the rising sun was reflecting in the windows of the tall office block that disrupts my views of the sunsets from my bedroom window!

 the sun was also shining nicely on the Thames as I crossed Kew Bridge a little later...

I passed lots and lots of people with race number on their vests heading towards Kew...hmmm odd

well, not that odd - I knew that there was a 10k run happening, although had forgotten when it was

Inside at 8am, I dodged the marshalls and took my usual first shot (Kew shot)

lovely blue sky and it was quite warm

the marshalls were casting shadows over the flower bed
 nice sky....

swans on the pond at the Palm House...

the girl who scanned my membership card had given me a map of the route of the race (the slightly darker black line)

I decided to try and avoid most of it... although that would prove impossible. 

It was the Richmond Runfest, a 10k run
 I made a beeline down the Broad Walk before it got swamped

 the sun was glistening on these fluffy stems

the middle of an aster, finished or just opening, I am not sure....finished I imagine...

 over to the left of the Broad Walk in the big space where they hold the Kew the Music concerts, I could hear music and someone over a tannoy warming up the runners..

I headed for a look.. the start line and a gaggle of people limbering up

I heard them say the start time was 8.30

so I got cracking with my walk!

 Love the sky behind the Hive

 walked round the back of the beds in the Broad Walk, in the wet grass...

 ducked under a huge tree canopy to go up to the Hive

I thought I might get a good view of the start...
 but too many trees in the way...
great reflection of the structure in the glass "wall"

 I remembered to change lens so I could get the whole of the Weeping Beech in...
told you it was huge)
 leaves are turning a gorgeous red...
 I spoke to a marshall who was stood at this junction waiting for the runners - we had a chat about how my visit would be a bit different to usual, and not very peaceful... she said they are doing another one tomorrow...

 autumn crocus in the woodland walk.. love the sun on them

 leaves forming a frame over the entrance to the family beds

didn't go through, as you saw last week, they are starting working in this area, and several of the beds have been cleared

lovely misty light (not that it was misty, it's the effect of the sun,  but you knew that!)

this is one of my favourites from today

It was now race time!

 I was going to have to be careful where I went and make my break to get across paths!

 supporters in fancy dress - lots of charities being supported by the runners had volunteers cheering them on - this is Great Ormond Street Hospital.  they were great.

 running in front of the Palm House..

the grass was heavy with dew, it almost looked white frosty, but was just wet

 the light was gorgeous, I will miss it when opening is back to 10am for everyone!

 more signs of autumn
 the sky was a beautiful colour and this tree was so golden against it
 towards the Temperate House

 light shining through the leaves...

 a large group of geese were walking on the grass  and a few feet in front of them a group of runners were going past the Temperate House...

deliberately kept them out of shot!

 walked across the grass (feet getting quite damp now, the dew was soaking through the mesh tops of my trainers)

I was going to head for the lake

it is autumn, so it is funghi time  - I came across lots today
 I think this is funghi, it was soft to the touch.
looks a bit like coral from the ocean!

 kept coming across groups of runners

 autumn tree colours reflecting in the gallery window...

still trying to recreate one of my best ever photos from Kew!

 dodged through a gap in the runners to the red tree on the other side of the path

 finally made it to the lake
 the swans weren't in their normal place, they were being hand fed!

I've seen this guy here regularly, so they obviously know and trust him..

I carried on round the lake

 the lake is definitely one of my favourite places now

 more funghi
 loved this large clump

 at the top of the lake, this tree always looks great in autumn

I decided to walk round the log walk..

it's meant for kids, and I kept to the paths, I wasn't going to walk along the logs...

 I'm not sure if I've been through here before.   I thought it might be a short cut back to where I wanted to go...
in fact it came out half way through the bluebell area...

 it was nearly 10, so I decided to head for something to eat
 past berries

 and hypericum
 and sea buckthorn - beautiful orange against the blue sky

 roses on my way to "breakfast" 
(coffee and a slice of banana and toffee cake again as it was so nice!) 

 whilst I sat and enjoyed my cake, I could hear the racers being encouraged as they reached the finish line

 walking back down the Broad Walk, most of the runners seemed to have finished and there were lots of competitors milling about with their medals

 I had a little time to kill before the next train (strike day, one an hour, getting bored with it now...)

so a few last shots

 runners and their families enjoying the surroundings after their exertions...

 good sky sitting at the station waiting for the train..

So, the next part of the double date,  the craft show at Ally Pally... was there within an hour, was lucky with connections
 the craft bits will be shared on "stampingbyh" on Wednesday, you'll have to hold your breath for that...

but with such a beautiful day, I had to take some pictures of the view towards the city of London - you can see for miles from the top of the hill where AP is situated. 
 view inside the Palm Court entrance,

 took a few more outside before I caught the bus back to the station.

took time to put the longer length zoom on, I don't usually have it with me
 it's a popular place to sit and enjoy a drink too.
phew, what an exhausting day (had to go birthday present shopping when I got back to Sutton too, which will save going out tomorrow at least!)

Thanks for looking
I'm putting my feet up now!