Saturday, November 17, 2018

Stunning in the sun - Kew

Headed to Kew by bus today (mixture of engineering works AND a strike!)  but boy was it worth it.
This is going to be a very photo heavy post.  settle down. you may need to send out for refreshments.
 beautiful blue sky, crisp cold day...
 great reflections on the pond
 the smoke tree (on the left) so gorgeous again this week..
I got carried away (and we're coming back later for more!)

 nice shadows on the ground

 the remaining leaves on the tree look like stars on a Christmas tree!  (oh, just me then...)

 such gorgeous light filtering through the branches of the trees

 love the greens of these trees against the blue sky

 there is lots of prep still going on for Christmas at Kew - love this glitterball, picking up the reflections of the leaves

and there were men up a cherry picker hanging baubles in a tall tree...

 they look more like boats today as the sun had gone behind a cloud

 a flock of geese, grazing on the grass

 they've cut a lot of the plants from the edge of the lake, for winter.  it looks very different
the heron was as still as still, waiting for a fish...

 Took a walk from the top of the lake, down cedar vista.  stunning colours along the other side of the walk
the tree house through the trees

 little pond down cedar vista

 the leaves on the grass (muddy grass) covered in dew drops

 Love the light shining through this red leaf on the grass

No leaves on the tree, just these

 round by the Japanese garden there were a few iris under a bench
 I headed towards the Temperate House
 berries with the TH out of focus behind
 misty light playing through these trees
 still plenty of osteospermum in flower

 loved these pretty little orange flowers...
 growing up and through the supports

 took a walk up round the walkway

where there were super shadows

 people walking round the top, shadows on the ground
 peering over the stairs down
callicarpa berries

 love this white Hebe  it's so delicate

 tree fern, shimmering in the sun through the roof

 walking through the Temperate House,
spotted the Kew logo on a large terracotta pot
 Osbeckia Stellata (had to take a pic of the name)

so pretty

and the flowers were pretty too

 walked across the grass to the gallery

 the Temperate House through trees
 went to look at the Mark Frith tree display

and took a few photos - they are really large sketches

 outside the door is a huge maple, which was red and stunning..

once again I got carried away
 as the light danced on the leaves

 half of the tree is less red and more orangey yellow

it spreads over a huge area

 I finally stopped taking pictures and headed down the path towards the cafe

 a pink camellia was in flower

 I cut off to the left and walked down the grass

 more fabulous colour

 approaching the smoketree from the other side, it seemed even more glorious
 so as promised I took loads more

just wonderful against the sky

but it was time for coffee and cake


it was mild enough in the sun to sit outside and enjoy the view

 the Kew war memorial
with the Foreign Secretary's wreath from the Cenotaph last weekend, you probably know, or remember me saying last year, it is always donated and made by Kew from plants round the Commonwealth.

 I had a look at the new bench..

 I noticed that there were words engraved on the bottom of each side of the seat.

the "reflection" side features the line "they shall not grow old as we that are left grow old - I couldn't get it all in one picture close enough to read it all

there were people sitting on the other side "hope" so I couldn't read the full quote - will try again next time

but I did sit and test it out for a few moments.
phone selfie so rubbish!

 a look back at the bench
 reflections were still gorgeous in the water  as I walked round the pond

 the stage for the Christmas light display that will play over the pond was set, and dressed, but you couldn't walk on it yet

 I walked through the woodland walk, there were lots of little funghi though I had trouble photographing them

tiny white funghi towards the end of the path

 had a quick look at the salvia border on the edge of the rock garden... still quite colourful

 I went into the Princess of Wales glasshouse and was delighted to see the Chinese Water Dragon sunning him/herself on the grating in the path
 they sit so still, people don't think they are real, till they see them breathe, or the tail twitches

they'd win at Statues, every time!

as I was taking photos, someone pointed out ....
 this one, on  tree trunk to the left of the path.

it was the young one.

for some reason, my camera played up and most of the pictures are blurry

 despite being small, it's tail is already long

this one is from my phone

 quick look at the other side of the rock garden
 this large palm is outside the POW
 oops, my shadow got in the way!

 the gingko still huge and gorgeous
 stunning pop of colour, with the Hive behind,

 the light on these leaves was fantastic!

 I hadn't been down the Broad Walk yet today so time for a look...

they've started putting in the Christmas display - huge globe-like architectural display, at the foot of which are benches

 amazing light through the grasses,

 decaying seed head of the
 I think these will be fabulous at night

can't wait to see them

the sun was high above the Palm House so casting great silhouettes of the plants inside

and from this side this tree is stunning reflecting in the water

 just so you know what's growing in the Palm House parterre beds.. obviously the narcissus aren't through yet!

 from the top of the steps, by the palm house

 inside (obviously!)


 once I'd got the lens to un-mist....

 from the other end
 on the way out now
 through the shop, all Christmassed!

 didn't buy anything today..

past the pots on the way out

and just had time at the bus stop to take a photo of the entrance, before my bus arrived

phew, are you still here?   mammoth post sorry, (not sorry)  it was too brilliant to leave much out..