Saturday, November 9, 2019

Kew - a mixed kind of day

Today was forecast wet (later) and a frosty foggy start... but when I left home I nearly took my sunglasses...
As I got off the train however....
 the view from Kew Bridge was fog! 

the camera fought with me to take pictures

 however as I walked away from the river round the road towards the entrance, the fog lifted

 and the sun was out when we entered at 10

the pansies are growing well

 and the reflections in the sun on the pond were fabulous

 looking back from the end of the pond, it looks misty but it's an illusion, it's just the sun

 the weeping willow at the send of the pond seems quite sparsely covered now

 all the Chihuly sculptures have gone now, and the beds re-planted

 the colours of the trees was stunning
 as I turned and walked down the Broad Walk

 time for some close up raindrops
 and wispy grasses
 as I was admiring the stunning red on this tree, I heard geese shouting from the branches of the tree next too it, several people were looking up at them
but they flew off back up the Broad Walk!

 I too turned off, and walked across (very wet) grass
 towards some more gorgeously coloured trees
 past crowds of geese

 both sides of the path

 just stunning!

 love the u-shaped branches of this tree
I walked closer to get a good view shaped by the tree

 as I got closer I saw how beautiful the bark was

 and slightly more yellowy on the other side

the label says it's an Austrian Pine
 I squelched my way across more wet grass towards the lake (from a slightly different angle)

 following the tree colour on my way!

 the sun was more dominant now so any mist had long gone
as I approached the end of the pond I met the swans
nearly halfway, at the crossing

 where the light was perfect

I walked across
 and met the lady I usually meet at the gate,  feeding the ducks and the swans, who had swum up with me

 this gull kept flying off the fence, circling and landing further along

 I took my usual favourite view on the phone

 before reverting to the camera

 I headed round the lake to the top end

 and up Cedar Vista and turned right along a path

heading for the Japanese Garden - my friend had told me that it was looking lovely again without the Chihuly, nice though they had been!

 I must have gone a bit astray as I found myself a the wooded area where the bluebells are in sping.

I walked along the outside though
 because I saw a bear ahead of me!  (as you do!)

 I can't remember where he was from - must have been one of Kew's previous wood carving events

 I walked past Queen Charlotte's cottage

 the colours down this part were amazing

 as I crossed towards the Japanese Garden I nearly trod on these funghi
 ahead of me, a peacock was sitting on a bench

 I am sure when the sun was out a little bit before, it would have been stunning

 nope, sorry, prefer it with the Nijima Floats there!
 the remaining leaves on the trees though, still make a stunning backdrop

 As I walked round the side, I caught the purple berries (I thought these might be the ones my cousin says are callicarpa but not sure, without any leaves to go by!)

 I decided to head for the Temperate House,  so walked past the Pagoda

 the Pagoda from the other side, looking moody in the cloudy sky

 cherry walk outside the rear end of the Temperate House, was being dressed for Christmas at Kew....

 but I walked along the grass behind the trees (the path was closed obviously)

I don't seem to have taken any pictures inside on my camera, just this one on my phone - which I shared on Facebook, saying how empty it looked #noChihuly
outside the far exit the other side of Cherry Walk now without the red Chihuly, just has the red of the trees - shame, just one more week and they would have offset the Chihuly so well!

I walked round the front side of the Temperate House where more Christmas lighting was being put up

 the view back to the Palm House was stunning

(I think they call this Syon Vista but I could be wrong)

 so many leaves on the grass - much too wet for scuffling through though
 but really gleaming in the light.

I walked across towards the gallery, but it was still closed for whatever is coming inside next...

 I did come across a rotting group of funghi though!

so stopped for a look

 shame I didn't see them in the last week or two

 the small acer outside the gallery was gloriously red

 and this tree on the corner of the path was just staggering!

before heading for the cafe I turned back towards the Temperate House across the grass through the trees

 taking the path back to the Victoria Cafe and entrance, I saw why it had been closed off last weekend - Christmas!! 

 all kinds of exciting lighting effects going in

 at the entrance, the Chittamwood (American Smoketree - I remembered to look today)

was just wowing everyone

 although the tree by the building has lost most of it's impact

 just before I entered the cafe I spotted these beautiful pink flowers

 the arch on the left is the start of the Christmas at Kew walk

it was the cold rather than rain, keeping me inside for my hot chocolate and cake (chocolate ombre again, there wasn't much choice today) 

 I walked round the outside of the rose garden, as on my way in I'd earlier noted the trees on the left
 and behind the holly hedge round the rose garden

 I walked through the middle of the Palm House but didn't pause long, although I did catch sight of the resident robin at the back of a bed (so out of range!) 

I went up to the Waterlily House, but it has been emptied of everything for cleaning and overwintering elsewhere
 back at the top of the Broad Walk by the pond, the big tree again

so I decided to go to the Princess of Wales glasshouse for a warm up

the sun had gone now, and it was feeling chilly

 inside the contrast of the warmth did the usual messing with condensation

No sign of any water dragons on my first circuit...

 till I got to the tree where they like to balance

 these orchids are behind glass but by taking them from the top of the stairs you get quite a good look at them

 as I walked back down to the first part, I noticed the larger water dragon draped on the rock in the water.... but he was quite hard to capture
 the other end of the pond I was intrigued by the cobwebs on these

 trying to get a good shot, this is from halfway up the steps at the side of the pond
 peering through the leaves!
he had at least sat up a bit
 but I couldn't get any closer
 heading outside again

the tall tree at the side of the alpine house
 not much really caught my attention today, other than these tiny narcissus
 but the waterfall outside did

 and the top....
 I took a quick walk through the evolution garden

for a last bit of colour -
 even the rudbeckia are just about finished
 but the temple on the hill behind it's trees was pretty

 walking back round the path,  the Palm House through the red tree again
 closer look at the leaves

 close up of the urn in the middle of the bed (where Paintbrushes used to be)

 I was heading for a final time down the Broad Walk,  on my way home

a few seedheads

 and final bit of red!

 just as well I was on my way, it was just starting to rain!

Once again, lots of pictures, I couldn't bear to leave them out.

what a great day - well, morning, (it was only just 1pm)  the weather was much better than I'd expected.    thanks for looking!