Saturday, December 4, 2021

A perfect winter's day at Kew

 Hi, today dawned very wet but by the time I got to Kew, the sun was out - it was cold, but not as bad as last week and not too windy.  Perfect!  Enjoy...

look at the blue sky!  I could tell it was going to be a fabulous morning

I had to take a shadow selfie again

although the path round to the Rose Garden was tempting, I first headed for the Broad Walk

walking down the Broad Walk I turned to look back at the pond

the light on the euphorbia was bright
but as I got closer I could see the drops from the earlier rain

turning the corner half way down the Broad Walk to the Hive,  the huge tree stood out against the blue sky

the Hive

I walked up the path but the upper layer (the glass floored one) was closed - it was very wet, so presumably too slippery

I took this over the barrier

the slate stacks (blogger is adding these back to front again)  in the middle of the secluded garden 
they turn the water off in winter so it doesn't freeze presumably

I went into the Princess of Wales conservatory through the door I usually exit from and noticed these berries on a large shrub,  however I couldn't see the label
they were very pretty though

the staff had been watering before the doors were opened,  

the sun from outside was so bright on the plants

in the orchid room

there were some beauties

everywhere the bright sun shone through the
windows lighting everything up

walking through the POW into the arid section, I noticed a patch of yellow flowers -  then saw they were from an aoenium it's a green one rather than the dark purple ones I usually show

I never knew they flowered 


I just loved the way the light shone on this plant, 

coming out of the POW,  I took this of the Palm House in the distance
then headed round to the Evolution Garden,  with the temple at the top of the hill

blogger's adding photos back to front again,

this casing from the physalis was loose on the ground

from the end of the path looking across the dividing hedges
loosestrife in the sun

little narcissus in the alpine house

pampas grass in the grass garden
sun shining through the trees opposite the Hive on my way back round
to the Broad Walk
seedheads in the sun

walking round the side of the pond toward refreshments!
dogwood along the pond

I was going to have cake but decided on hot food, a sausage roll again , and hot chocolate - they've got the Christmas disposable cups out now

after my food I headed the other way from the entrance - most of the leaves have fallen on the big trees by the entrance but those that were left were glowing
another view of the Palm House
winter sunlight may not be strong but it is bright

heading towards the lake, there was a large puddle on the ground, so time for some puddle pictures!

I was back on the Christmas lights trail by now

there was a young toddler being lifted up to pose by the baubles with her mum,  I was muttering under my breath as both parents allowed her to bat at the baubles to make them sway...

well you have to don't you... always seem to be wearing the same coat year after year....

on the path alongside the lake, past the neon strings.

they remind me of Spyrograph pictures - I used to love my Spyrograph as a kid

i bet they look good in the dark
at the lake I would love to see this in the dark too

with the light behind it's fabulous
the dogwood on the island
close up
view up the lake

and on the phone

 I took the path away from the lake to the far edge of Kew Gardens where you can see the river (Thames) over the boundary

before heading back
along the other side of the lake

thanks blogger, wrong order again,
this is the little pond along cedar vista 

this is by the side of the lake

ok, back to the pond!  I'm walking in the right order!! 

although a lot of the leaves on the stunning cotinus I saw a couple of weeks ago, have fallen,  there were enough to be stunning against the blue sky today

before going to the Temperate House I went to the Japanese garden but there wasn't a lot of colour left so just took some pics of the fatsia

the flowers are so strange

then into the Temperate House

this is a protea (not sure which variety)

as I walked round the Temperate House I saw this huge agave in a corner,  and tried to get the cobwebs to show up
in the main part of the TH I happened to glance up and saw this mass of pink flowers at the top of a shrub,

and got a closer look at some a little lower down

the Tamarillo tree tomato (I think that's the right order of the name)  are still looking interesting

as you can see you can't get further round the other side of these ferns (lights for the Christmas display are along that path)
further along, in the next connecting octagon,  some pretty little yellow daffodils/narcisssus 

there is also a new selection of carnivorous plants
I tried to get some close ups of the patterns

a large camellia in the next section
before making my way out, and a picture of the Treetop Walkway

heading to the gallery now
I took just a few pics today

from the painted side
from the black side

then walked back along the path to the exit

liquidamber tree - just a few leves left
couldn't get any closer to this as there is a rope barrier along side the path to keep visitors off the grass in the dark during the Lights
finally, a star in a tree glistening in the sun

Thanks for looking - today was stunning,  rain had been forecast for whilst I was there, but what a stunning morning it was in the sunshine.