Saturday, October 21, 2017

Storm Brian? won't stop me... Kew in the sunshine

I hadn't intended to go to Kew this weekend, I have been suffering with a cold this week and spent most of it coughing and blowing my nose.... And Storm Brian was forecast to blow across the southern part of England.

However, the forecast for this morning, said blustery showers only, for my part of London and I didn't feel too bad, so decided some fresh air would do me good.   Sadly by the time I'd got there I had a bit of a headache from coughing on the way, but never mind....

 I couldn't resist a new first view pic in the bright sunshine!

 my usual first shot - the summer bedding has been removed and they have started (at each end) to replant for winter/spring...
I love the neatly dug beds all ready waiting for new life!

 the wind was gusting leaves across the path, and you can see it has rained in the night.
but the sky was gloriously blue and it wasn't that cold.

 the wind was blowing the leaves across the grass, wish I could have filmed it in motion!

 the bright light shining through the leaves and branches were doing nothing for my headache however, and of course I hadn't thought to put my sunglasses in my camera bag (no room with all the tissues really!) - the sun had caught my unawares for sure...

 the waterfall was gushing down with such a force
and the 'sails' protecting the plants inside the alpine house were completely down, allowing the light to shine freely through the windows

 I walked along the edge of the rock garden
 into the family bed area and the vegetable beds, pumpkins harvested...
 was amazed to see the poppy bed with late blooms shining in the sun so had to walk across the grass to investigate (was wearing my old leaky but non-painful boots so wanted to keep my feet dry)

 there were some huge bumblebees weighing the blooms down, they were so big
 the path under this black walnut tree was littered with fruit - and they were falling still, so I beat a retreat, they looked quite hard to me!

 you can't tell in the still pic, but the wind was blowing the water in the fountain

 I went into the Life in Death display again and took loads more, but concentrated more on closeups today

 as you can see, they are mounted on thin copper wire

great shadows on the wall

 I can't resist, they are so beautiful!

Crow investigating the crumbs -  sadly he humped off the table as I was trying to get a better photo,

 sat and had a cup of tea in the sunshine...
there were one or two others doing the same, despite appearances!
 it's been a windy week, nearly all the leaves are off the sugar maple now;  boo...

by the main Victoria Gate, though, the Smoketree is looking stunning

 I walked through the shop and cafe to the loo,
the Hallowe'en cupcakes looked tasty, but I didn't stop for one (maybe next week, if they still have them)
outside the Palm House, the sky is blue, blue, 

 and I was surprised how many roses there were still

 but the wind was blowing fluffy white clouds across the sky

luckily still white and not rainclouds!

 inside the waterlily house it seemed darker than usual..  lots of growth across the roof struts. 
 by the door
 outside, a large Malus was covered in berries

 gorgeous light shining through the low hanging branches
 I decided to head down the Broad Walk and home, my headache wasn't shifting

 I think the clouds behind the Hive make the structure look as if it's blowing in the wind... or is that just me!

As I got to the gate, I remembered that I had meant to walk down the Lake (would have been great reflections today) and see the Treelings with the other Artful Autumn willow displays, but I couldn't face going all the way back.

will have to hope for good weather next Saturday when they finish!