Saturday, April 14, 2018

A warm, sunny day at Kew!!

Today has, finally, after what seems months and months, been a lovely warm sunny dry day... woop woop.   Obviously it was Kew....
 I had my camera out as I walked from the station as I put the new lens in the main camera bag so I only had one to carry.
The daffodils on Kew Green by the church were shining in the sun
 quite a change in the 2 weeks since I was here (not least the gorgeous blue sky!!)
the crown imperial fritillary are gorgeous, there are yellow ones too (we'll see them later!)

 the prunus are stunning

 I might have got a bit carried away...

 it was so hard to see the screen as I was taking the photos as the sun was so bright - so it's good to see that they've turned out ok!

I had taken my coat off at the gate waiting to go in, so was juggling that as well as all the lenses and stuff after all

 by the magnolia glade there is a huge area of snakes head fritillary which are just coming out, there was nothing there (a few stalks) 2 weeks ago.... they keep them roped off though so you can't get as close as I'd like!

 there was a group of 3 youngish looking trees absolutely smothered in flowers

 I decided to walk round the woodland area to see if there were any bluebells yet, but they aren't out yet, I guess with it being cold for so long they'll be late this year.

Didn't see the bird in this tree till just now.

 and after I was walking through a very muddy part, I was talking to a couple who'd been looking at this duck sat up the top of a tree stump..

Seems to be a Kew thing, as I've seen geese doing this too.

the light was fantastic

(really looking forward to the beginning of May when the Members 8am opening starts again!)

I thought the lake would have lots of reflections today, but it wasn't as much as I thought.

 but this one by the Sackler crossing is nice
 a crowd of ducks and swans were by the bridge

 lift out of order, not had breakfast, didn't have the energy to climb the stairs today!

 big enough to walk through... little girl in pink just about to do so..
this one was HUGE

 considering it opens on 4 May there seems to be a lot of work still going on at the Temperate House!

 have been in a big circle., back at the prunus by the Palm House again


 before I took a short cut through the Palm House (boy was it hot in there!)

I captured the beautiful tulips in the urns outside

 spent ages trying to get shots of the tulips in the foreground with the trees in the distance... nah!  wasn't happening!
 back out front of the Palm House, now
Colour scheme at the foot (feet?) of the fritillary is purple

 the tulips in the urns along the pond have grown loads too
 yellow ones as promised!

 went and got coffee and cake, eventually found somewhere outside to sit and eat it...
 went round to see my favourite spring tree - think it will probably be past it's best next time I get there

now this was what I was trying to do with the tulips!

 there were two swans under the tree, but they wouldn't both hold their heads up at the same time!

 the camellias are still beautiful

 (just for Lesley!)

 the front elevation of the Temperate House
 the renovation of the Pagoda is coming on too, the wrapping is coming down!

not sure when this is due to be finished though

 by now it was quite crowded, people were picnicking on the (damp) grass

 little fountain outside the back of the POW glasshouse glistening in the sun

 this is a magnolia
 outside the other entrance to the POW, a large bed of tulips,

such pretty ice cream colours

 it was really really hot in the POW - there was someone watering the paths to create humidity and steam and it was working!

I didn't stay long!

 this was intruiging

 outside again, another mass of daffodils

 along the Broad Walk, another mass planting of daffodils

 siberian crab (malus)
 nearly 2pm now, was heading for the exit, leaving the Broad Walk to this lot! 
 but first some more beautiful magnolias

I have condensed my 325 photos into not very many at all, I think! 

what a beautiful day, though. so nice to see the sun, the blue skies and all this gorgeous colour!!