Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kew - Sun - Tulips - Bluebells

Today being the start of a Bank Holiday weekend in the UK, we have sun... what? that can't be right... but yes, we do.. took a detour of a train ride to Kew (of course) because it's a Bank Holiday so there are engineering works on my normal direct route... but boy was it worth it!
Sit back and enjoy - as the title suggests, mainly tulips and bluebells, but lots of blossom still on the trees.. I did get a bit carried away...
 I love the rich velvety look of tulips, and this variety (Queen of the Night) is one of my absolute favourites
 planted amongst reds and yellows, she looks fabulous!
 look at the shine!

 this one is pretty gorgeous, too
 and these frilly ones remind me of raspberry ripple ice cream!

work is coming on a-pace on The Hive, he summer exhibit, to be a feature on the health of bees,  it sounds fascinating!
 these white tulips are obviously a lot earlier than some of the reds and purples, they're delicately dropping their petals, they look like the skirts of dancing ladies.
beautiful pink blossom...

 and tight buds against a gorgeous blue sky


 more frilly tulips outside the waterlily house

 outside the Palm House, the statue on the corner allowing a peak beyond to the Palm House parterre- full of more tulips
 quite stunning

 love the sun shining through these ones,

 the Cherry Walk looking fab again today
 so much better with blue skies, unlike last time!

 late daffodils just holding on at the feet of the trees

loved this wild meadow of bluebells and tulips mixed in, under the tree above

 lush green growth on the trees now

 and the sun sparkling on the Henry Moore statue

 lovely gnarled tree trunks
bluebells on the way to the bluebell wood!

 great reflection in the little pond
into the Bluebell Wood now, where it was so muddy last time

 but all dried out now!

 just stunning blue in the sunshine!

m ore blossom at the Japanese Garden

and heading back to the Palm House pond
 the blossom has faded here already, and is really pale now
 the fountain, in close up - the water was set to go on and off today, never seen that before - it's usually on, or it's off!

 more great reflections in the pond in the Duke's Garden
 love the mossy bark of this magnolia tree
 and pretty yellow tulips
 these were darker in truth, a quite stunning colour, love the even darker middles

 daffodils outside the Princess of Wales glasshouse, with a few bright orange tulips dotted throughout
 went back for another look at the Jade Vine
 and late daffodils outside the POW
back to the exit now, love the peek of the orange tulip bed (seen in the first photo at the start of my visit) with the pink and white of the magnolia and the bluebells underneath.

3 hours well spent, had a great time today, it wasn't cold at all though there was a breeze but in the sun it felt gorgeous.