Saturday, September 26, 2015

A stunning Autumn day...

.. yes, Kew. What, you didn't think I'd go somewhere different?!  I stayed for ages today, over 4 hours and took 450 photos... it took ages to firstly download them and secondly rotate them the right way up to look through... Settle back, you could be here a while!

 there was a heavy dew on the grass but it makes pretty patterns!

 the geese had been crossing the road, love these footprints!

beautiful colours everywhere, bright sunshine,
and shimmering in the sunlight

 gorgeous reflections
 the treetop walkway, took some unusual angles of it today
 love the view from up high though, it's worth the climb
berries everywhere (down at ground level again now!)

 loved the red underside of these leaves

 little patch on the grass, covered in dew, kind of webby. not sure what it was

loved the colours of these berries!

 grapes ripening overhead on a pergola

 I've wanted to get another of these reflection shots for years, (have one as my FB profile photo), the light and colours in the trees were perfect today

 gorgeous clouds too
you didn't think I'd miss out my fountain?

 the reflection of the building in the pond
 gulls perching on the statues

 view of the outside, from inside the Princess of Wales glasshouse

thanks for making it to the end with me, it was a mammoth trip today!