Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kew - September sunshine

I know, I know - Kew Gardens again!!   But I love it there, it's close - I can get there in an hour by train (even allowing for changing at Clapham Junction) - and I have a newly renewed season ticket so it only costs the train fare - and it was a nice sunny morning. It's also just about the only 'proper' exercise I get, walking at Kew!

So, yesterday morning, there I was again. In fact, the first few were left on the film in the camera from my last trip - but I love this 'frothy' stuff so had to include it,

along with this cluster of Aganpanthus - not sure what the white flowers behind it are though, but loved the contrast. They were very perfumed, but surely it's too late for jasmine??
I was deliberately focussing on the white, to blur the blue, (I was going for shapes and patterns last time, remember because - apart from this- there wasn't much colour).

So, on to yesterday. Thanks to all the rain we had in Surrey over the last couple of weeks, the grass - and the trees themselves - were looking lush and fresh, just ripe for photography!The sun was shining through the leaves on this tree, it was glorious - although I should have probably closed in more on the leaves than include so much background.
The Palm House peaking through the trees!
I staggered up the stairs to the Treetop Walkway - the views ARE worth it, but it kills me - I wish they could get the lift sorted out, I don't mind walking down, but UP is - urgh! hard work- my calves ache today, I'm blaming the spiral stairs.
From the Walkway, I went into the Temperate House - it was quite empty, so got some good shots 'people-less!' I could pretend it was my own glasshouse....
Peering through the giant ferns! Had to move sharpish from here, a keeper came with his hose to spray them with water..... so I went up the stairs to the higher walkway round the top of the glasshouse to peer DOWN for a change!
This is a bit overgrown, yes?!
I'd love to do some of these in black and white, (I suppose if I bought Photoshop I could fiddle with them myself) as I think the patterns and shapes of the struts and windows would look great in black and white.   I used to really enjoy black and white photography - my ex had some darkroom equipment at one time and we used to develop our own b/w films, it was great.
Love the misty effect - it was proper hot in this part of the glasshouse! but I quite like the effect on these palms, from the steamed up lens! 

At this point my film ran out as I was heading towards the Waterlily house so those pics are now on another part-used film in the camera and will have to wait for the next trip!  That's one drawback of film cameras and I can't afford to upgrade my camera to a digital one (I was looking at the prices when I went to pick up these pictures today, I need to win the lottery for the type of camera and extra lenses I'd want!!)
Hope you enjoyed these ones, anyhow.