Monday, August 9, 2010

Kew again - and a party

Well, over on my stamping blog I showed you a few weeks ago the Diamond Wedding card I made for my godmother.  It was the party on the 31st and I've just got the photos.  I won't bore you with loads because if you weren't there you (probably, given what a small world it is!) won't know anyone, but there is one of me! (I may even put it on the other blog too)

That's me standing at the back in my fave green/blue skirt! Any my mum is in the seat behnd the "youngsters" on the opposite end to me.

Anyhow, on Saturday I went to Kew Gardens again, though it's been at least a month - unheard of for me in the last couple of years - and I think I've missed the best of the "height of summer" flowers.

Still, I took a few - I concentrated on shapes and patterns.
This was in the waterlily pond. Incredible!

Outside the waterlily house.

"my" fountain again - this time framed by the tree and gunnera in the foreground.

The oldest palm in the Palm House (only I've forgotten how old!)

There were some different species of butterfly that they've hatched since I was there before - these ones were really pretty! Only they wouldn't keep still!

Well, that's it for tonight - this is my 3rd post (two on stampingbyh) of the evening and I have to go to bed now....