Saturday, April 22, 2017

An unexpected trip to Kew...

I wasn't planning on  Kew today, because I had a ticket for the Stitching, Sewing and Papercraft show at the Excel Centre in London's Docklands... If I say I only stay an hour, you may get an idea of what it was like (there will be some photos on "stampingbyh" soon...

so as I left, I decided I could still do Kew (it was in the back of my mind to possibly do both..) as the District Line runs all the way to Kew Gardens..
So, I arrived around 1pm, which is when I am normally on the way home... I have decided I like it there at that time of day, although it was hard to find a table to sit and have a snack at before starting my walk...

those clouds had followed me from the east end of London (where it rained hard for a bit) but luckily they just threatened here..

 loving the blossom with the wild flowers underneath the trees

 the back of the Palm House from the Rose Garden which is springing into life fast now..
 I was missing my long zoom lens though- obviously I'd gone with just the camera and my "standard" zoom, not wanting to carry too much weight in case I didn't come to Kew...

I love the way the black dye they put in the Waterlily pond gives such strong reflections... the lilies are just starting to bloom now with some small flowers evident

 the next flush of flowers - the alliums - are starting to bloom now in the main Parterre beds in front of the Palm House - now that the tulips in these beds have finished
 gorgeous colour scheme
 these flowers were so delicately scented..
 and the tree was huge!
 pleased to see the urns of orange/pink tulips are still beautiful - playing clever with the building in the background..

 gorgeous acid green of the euphorbia in the Broad Walk which is also now coming alive again
amazing scarlet tulips..
 standing tall and proud in the sunshine
 and orange ones too..

 once again, the planting is mirrored on either side of the Broad Walk
 the wildflower meadow up the slopes to the Hive is also rejuvenating
 I should know what they all are... but I don't

 these were waist high, it was lovely to be able to get right in amongst them, the Princess of Wales glasshouse in the background

 Love a peony!

 he's here again, same spot, still sunning himself!

 wildflower wild planting always appeals to me, a neat and tidy gardener I am not!

 gorgeous clump of love lies bleeding..

 and this fab iris, what a colour!
I  love a wisteria covered wall, too!
the white shrub smelled gorgeous!

 walked through the Rock Garden

 through the Davies Alpine house..

into the Princess of Wales glasshouse.. because it really did look like rain.. (it still didn't though!)
 through the Ferns section..

 and orchids (some of them are here permanently)

 heading out through the dry temperate section

 back outside, the sun really caught the bright yellow.
 pretty pink rhododendron.

 more high wild planting
 great bark on this tree (I checked it's name as it was laden with flowers...)
 a double headed geum...

and this was a lovely tree too!

 looking down the Broad Walk from about 1/3 way...

 big bed of pink and purple tulips at the top (or bottom) of the Broad Walk

 another patch of colour caught my eye as I was headed out...

 and another clump of irises.

so not bad for an unexpected visit and a lovely couple of hours in the sunshine!