Saturday, January 16, 2016

Frosty Day at Kew Gardens

Finally we've had some 'proper' winter weather, frosty mornings and - gasp - some sunshine!  I decided I'd go to Kew today as I love it when it's frosty there.   Something made me check the trains before I left home - to find my normal route was disrupted by engineering works.  Now, I could have just got the replacement bus the 3 stops that the train wasn't servicing but I decided to take an alternative, slightly longer route and by the skin of my teeth caught trains , arriving not too long after the Gardens opened, so not bad after all.

 the change of route meant going in a different gate, close to the lake at the Palm House, which was frozen for the most part - and some gorgeous reflections... sit back and enjoy!

 heavy frost on the beds by the pond, the dogwood still looking colourful

 found some dry ground to kneel down for low shots
 up in the Palm House on the walkway round the top, lush green leaves
and some rusty ironwork.. maybe the Palm House will be next for major restoration
 I love the mix of ironwork amongst the palms and greenery
 today I went down into the Aquarium under the Palm House, this was the only one I could get without flash, which I didn't want to use...... Found Nemo!
 back outside, the sun was "warming things up" kind of!

 the dogwoods from the Palm House, looking fantastic in the sunshine.

 the Princess of Wales glasshouse, where they are getting ready for the annual Orchid Festival (in fact, when I went out through the other door after walking through, they were unpacking the van of orchids)
work in progress..
 Bromeliad in full flower (well, it's a bract, not a flower, but you know what I mean!)
more frost in the grass
 and on seedheads
 and leaves.. think this is one of my favourites from today!
the peacock was in the same spot as last time, looking stunning again in the sun
his feathers have grown lots! is that even possible?!

 this time round the pond I noticed snowdrops in the dogwoods
 went in search of a drink (didn't stop for one in the end) was sidetracked by more beds of dogwood
 found my way to the Rooftop walkway - the angle and direction of the sun make this look black and white, but it's not!  Love this one, too.
 and more dogwood, more frozen lakes

these geese obviously decided to use the bridge, the water was too cold!
 Kew being on the direct flight path to Heathrow Airport is constantly crossed by jumbos.. loads of huge ones today, this was one of them

to finish off, the mix of iron and trees again by the Rooftop Walkway.

Thanks for joining me, hope you didn't get too cold!