Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A day out at Wimbledon Tennis

Monday 23rd June 2014..  The first day of the Wimbledon tennis championships and I was lucky enough to be there on Centre Court to be part of it (thanks to my lovely boss Monica). I've only ever been once before, that was back in about 1980 when a friend and I queued up for ground pass tickets and later on got to stand on Centre Court and saw Roscoe Tanner.  Not many people remember him..

Anyhow, I got a bit carried away with the photos.. this is just a few of the 259 I took..  to think my work colleague who also came, said at one point I wasn't taking enough...

The day started with Bucks Fizz in the office before a cab took us to the wrong Wimbledon tennis club - but we made it in time for Pimms or Champagne in one of the restaurants in the Wimbledon Club, one of the rather nice places to enjoy the experience.
 Kirsty and Monica, with guests Rob, Des and Darren.
 and one of me
 I'd already got the camera flash disabled, could have done with it here to counter-act the bright light outside.
 Just a few wine glasses on the table!
Monica and Rob hiding behind the calla lily.

Lunch started at 11.30 but we abandoned the last two courses until later so we didn't miss the start of Andy Murray's match - first up of course as defending champion..
 A short walk across to the entrance

through the Debenture holders entrance..
we did just miss the players walk out onto court
now I warn you, I haven't got to grips with the photo editing software that came with the camera yet (I know, I've had it 6 months...) so these are as they came off the camera.
Murray warming up at the start of the game
the Royal Box (you can click on the pictures to get a close up and see who you can spot!)
Darren and Kirsty were in the row behind the other 4 of us 

 Well done, Kirsty, for getting this one of me - one I actually like!!
 smile please!
 the roof structure - not needed luckily!
players box at the front here above the score board,

 intense concentration from Monica!
 wide angle shot of the court.
 already 2 sets up...

 game, set, match Murray, beat David Goffin of Belgium in 3 sets
 and as Andy left court, so did we - back to our restaurant for our deferred dessert and cheese courses, rolled into afternoon tea as well!

 through the crowds in the grounds
 scoreboards keeping them updated

 Tea time!! (champagne, beer, wine or water too!)

 our waitress took a group shot of all of us.
 my dessert - had to take a photograph it was so pretty - and tasted delicious too!
I'm saying nothing!!
Back for more tennis... the prices in the shop were a bit out of my range..
 next up was Novak Djokovic - he was in fine form and rattled off his match in super quick time
 Novak's coach, former Wimbledon champion Boris Becker sitting in the corner of the players box (leaning forward in the corner)

 I love people watching!

Game set match!

I did take loads more during this match, but I fear that Blogger will explode if I put too many more in one post...

 but because Novak finished so fast, we were treated to a bonus match, a ladies singles matching featuring a Slovakian girl who made a very strange sound when she tossed the ball up to serve - it wasn't only the 6 of us who thought she was saying "oh shit", the - admittedly dwindling crowd - all thought so too... it was very funny.
 She won though, so we may see her again!
 time to head up to the roof terrace for a final drink and a glimpse of some of the outside courts finishing up - very soon actually as it started to rain- but about 9pm and when it had been forecast 40% likelihood of showers during the afternoon, not bad at all!
 Managed to take some shots from up high, of the surroundings, in the growing gloom...

and the London skyline in the distance (click to enlarge)
 Kirsty and I headed down ahead of the others, it had stopped raining now luckily
 happy tennis goers, heading home...
 Kirsty outside waiting for the others to come down and head home... well to the Village for mare drinks (not for me, I was bound for home!)

the Fred Perry statue - Britain's last winner until 2013 when Andy did us proud.

and one final shot, of my souvenirs from the day..

programme, ticket, menu, pink champagne and it's cooler jacket looking like a pink tennis ball. (some of these will be appearing in a journal soon... apologies for all the crafting crap in the background!

Once again, a huge thank you to Monica for taking me, and to Kirsty, Rob, Darren and Des for the company... and an extra thanks to Des for the big bruise on my foot where you trod on it...