Saturday, May 31, 2014

A glimpse of sun...

.. took me back to Kew this morning.  It didn't last long, so I didn't stay... And I discovered towards the end of my walk round the gardens, I'd still got my camera set to 'close up' mode so these aren't very good photos...I'll just share a few! I couldn't face re-tracing my steps to take them again!

 rhododendrons in a little glade...

I was looking for the summer feature "barefoot walk" which I eventually found - shut due to the recent rains -obviously too muddy!
 but this lovely fellow displayed for me - love how he blends into the greenery with the pond behind his feathers.

He turned his backside to me, how very rude, lol!!

The Pagoda - recently re-opened after refurbishment but there's an extra charge to go up,  even for members; and 253 steps it warns you at the bottom... so no, I didn't!!!
 Another of their summer features is the Healing Giant - a wooden structure cut to the shape of a human body, filled with various plants that are used for healing the part of the body they're planted in, if you see what I mean

 loved these bottles, they'd look good altered, don't you think....
The Temperate House, closed for major refurbishment, emptied of all but the largest of leaf ferns - you can peak inside the main door, but the photos I took due to my wrong setting, haven't come out well at all!
 hmmm the slope in front needs weeding... they looked really bright and happy though!
 it was here I discovered my setting error, when I went to put the camera on close up to get these flowers...
 and the rose garden in front (or at the back of, strictly speaking!) the Palm House, were smelling glorious!

so there you go... a lovely walk through wet grass (we did have a lot of rain didn't we, this week!) wet boots (found the seam is coming apart too on one, time for a new pair I think!)

Come with me again, soon, won't you?!