Saturday, May 20, 2017

It's a purple day!

My mate Sam commented on the last couple of posts about the preponderance of purple... she's right! It is one of my favourite colours, so this season is just perfect for me at Kew!
Got there at 8am again... Glorious sunshine... sit back and enjoy!  (yes, I got carried away again with the alliums!)

 I can't help it, I love these beds!

 not seen much blue sky the last few days in London!

 the Gunnera is growing rapidly but has a way to go before it reaches it's peak size, but already making for a dramatic picture

we had a lot of rain this week and once more petals all around were holding droplets of rain

we're walking down the Broad Walk now...


think you know what these are!

 the Hive backlit by sunshine

 overlooking the wildflower meadow surrounding the Hive... bench too wet to sit on!
 shadow playtime!

 Princess of Wales glasshouse
 Rock Garden

 raindrops on roses   peonies
  this poppy was huge!

 the pergola will be a mass of colour soon
some there already!
 more raindrops on peonies

 loved the shape of the netting over this plant pot (the netting is over one of the veg beds, the pots are on the tops of sticks holding the netting up)
pot patterns..

tree reflections in the waterlily ponds
more purple, Sam!

the Alpine House
pine tree flowers
9.30 - off for breakfast past my favourites!

promise of more to come!

after breakfast, through the Arboretum

 new windows in the Temperate House - due to re-open next Spring

 reflections in the windows of one of the galleries

 lots of squirrels about today
 the smell of the azaleas was gorgeous

 the Palm House.....

 which means more allium pics!
 Waterlily house
 water gathered in the leaves

 they've grown a lot in a week!
no words needed!

 inside the Palm House

 these daisy like flowers have replaced the gorgeous orange tulips from a few weeks ago

 ah, cute!
 no idea at all how this has come out black and white, but I like the atmosphere it gives (have always loved black and white photography)
 it's this colour really!

 formal display outside Kew Palace
 love the paving
 laburnum arch is glorious!

 roses in the foreground of Kew Palace from the sunken Queens Garden

 gorgeous teasels..

and then it started raining - just a brief shower, but it was time to head home anyway!