Saturday, May 13, 2017

No prizes - it's Kew... Allium City

I really don't mind sacrificing my lie in on a Saturday morning to go to Kew in time for the 8am members early opening... this week, a tweet alerted me to the alliums that were starting in the Palm House parterre, last week...  oh my... I got a bit carried away... sit back and enjoy!

 It was drizzling as I arrived, but luckily it stayed light..
the tweet was right, the alliums look amazing!

alliums also along the Broad Walk

 love the contrast of the paler purple here, against the acid green of the euphorbia

the rain of yesterday has been collecting in the tulips which are now starting to fade - love this shot!
 underneath the Hive
 raindrops on wildflowers
 back on the Broad Walk

 more alliums, white this time!

pale blue mecanopsis
 raindrops on leaves (it had stopped by now!)
 and peonies

I was hoping the poppies would be out, but there were 2 in bloom so far!  it was covered in raindrops though!
I think this is borage, but don't remember it being such an early plant, (had some in the garden once) so I could be wrong.
 rock garden
 stunning dark purple-black of this iris... complete with raindrops!

stunning drooping white wisteria..

Broad Walk again..
 couldn't resist another one as I went for some breakfast...

 the peacock was showing off again...
 and Mamma Goose was out for a walk with her babies... dad was just out of shot!

Like the peacock with the alliums and palm house behind him

 round the other side of the pond
 where I caught up with the peacock, off for a stroll...
 more iris

 sun out now, so headed off for the bluebells..

 great reflections in the lake

they are starting to fade now, I think they won't be at their best next time I go.
 rhododendron in the sunshine

 up the Treetop Walkway (I cheated and took the lift!)
great views and huge trees

 wide angle on..
 the Temperate House, still under wraps (work is due to be finished sometime next year, can't wait to see it all done)

 it was now 10, so I could go into the glasshouses... decide to head for the Palm House

but not before I came across this gorgeous robin

 into the Waterlily house first though..

 in the Palm House, I went up to the top walkway, where it was incredibly humid (someone down below was watering the plants and increasing the misting on my camera lens,  not to mention the window - with the Parterre outside...

back outside, I sat and enjoyed the view of the alliums, so got a few more closeups from my seated position!

final look before heading for the exit and the train(s) home...
lots of people queing to get in, definitely time for me to go!

three and a half hours this time (a long walk) and 260 photos,....


Angela Curror said...

Love all the alliums (you probably guessed I might say that!) - they're gorgeous.

What are those white wispy flowers just before the white alliums?

That red poppy is wonderful and so are the dark irises with water drops.

Interesting bobbly flowers in the photo after the lovely robin. I wonder what they are.

Lovely photos - I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual tour. Thank you.

sam21ski said...

I'ii say it again, there is lots of pink and purple about there again xx

Miriam said...

Gorgeous photos Helen - looks like a lovely trip today. Those alliums are gorgeous.

Kirsten said...

Wow, wow, wow, such gorgeous photos!! The aliums look stunning, but I also love the photos of the raindrop-covered flowers, they're beautiful.

craftimamma said...

Love the white wisteria. ... just like mine, lolol! All the alliums are stunning and the purple iris covered in raindrops are beautiful.

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have never heard of, nor seen alliums before. They are truly lovely. You certainly found a LOT of them, didn't you? The pale lavender ones were my favorite.

LOVE the rock garden. I could stay there all day, I think.

When you said the Temperate House was under wraps, you really meant it!

I was surprised how large and long the treetop walkway was. Of course, I loved the image you took from the top of the Palm House.

Ah, to see all those photos you didn't show! LOVED the ones you did.