Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fancy an early morning walk at Kew?

If so, you're in the right place.  May saw the start of a few months (until September) of special members only early opening at Kew - 8am no less.  I checked the trains.. first train leaves Sutton just before 7 am on a Saturday, train planner says I'll arrive at Kew just after 8.  So I left the week day alarm on for 5.50 am and got sorted.  There was a train a few minutes before the one I had found, so by the time I had walked from the station to the gate that they're using for the early starts ( not my normal entrance) it was still just before 8.

What follows made the early start well worth it - enjoy!
the sun was hazy, but already casting shadows
 the gorgeous tulip display outside the Palm House

 reflections in the pond

 close ups

 baby Canada Geese out for a stroll with mum and dad...

 just love the early morning light

 as you can see I've already walked in a circle from where I started, round the pond and back to these tulips
 off to the flowering cherry trees
 glistening in the sun - still only about 8.30...

 did I say I love the early morning light??
 you'll remember these from last week too!

 the walkway wasn't open yet (nor any of the glasshouses, until the normal 10 am opening. )

 the lake  looking gorgeous

back to the bluebell wood again, so peaceful today!

 got a bit carried away with the bluebells again!

 back to the flowering cherry trees
by now, it was 9.30 and I was ready for a coffee so went off in search for the Victoria Plaza by the entrance, love the reflection in the gallery window, and you can still see through inside too!

the big tree makes a great frame for the Palm House
totally different light now on these tulips, cake and coffee eaten and drunk!

 waterfall in the Rock Garden

had to take a picture of the name of this
it's Leucocoryne... luckily known as Glory of the Sun.. that's a bit easier!  It comes from Chile...
 the order beds starting to burst into life.

 gorgeous bright green-yellow of the Euphorbia

 just about 10 am now... the time I'd normally be arriving!
frilly tulips outside the Waterlily House
 Walked round the pond taking pics all the way

 the bottle gourds swaying gently in the breeze as the door opened to let more people into the Waterlily house. Didn't notice them last week!
 love the white against the pink of these trees

ooh... looks like something to try next time (though at £4 a pop it's a bit stiff for an ice cream... we'll see!)
 love this iris
 and these poppies looking translucent in the sun (bougainvillea Fresco?!)
 I couldn't resist stopping at the dark black poppies again

and the final poppy bed - so it's now 11 am and I'm headed home! what a lovely early morning.  Hope to do it again - it's going to be popular, especially if it's dry and warm like today, there were lots of members there by 10 when the "public" come in,

I'm also interested in their late closing - would love to stay for sunset by the Palm House... but not today!

Thanks for looking.