Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cold trip to Kew

Down south today it's cold... the wind is blowing from the north east and it's dull too.. but the orchids are only at Kew for another week after today so I wanted another look..
I know you've seen them before but I tried to get different angles and closer where possible..

 I still love the fluffy tops of the display.. such gorgeous colours

 close up of the air plants from a different part of the display
 I was lucky enough to be one of the first in the glass house so the pathways were deserted still
and they'd just finished watering the orchids which is why the paths are wet

 One day I will treat myself to a proper macro lens, for now this is as close as I can get.

 back round to the main display in the pond, before braving the cold outside again...

 spring is coming, but it doesn't feel very springlike today!
and "my" fountain was back on again, just  a shame the sun wasn't out to bounce off the water droplets.

 amazing tree trunk shapes..
hellebores in full flower , shame they hide their faces downwards so you have to pick them up to see them (probably not supposed to do this!)
 carpets of crocus

 peaking through the Henry Moore statue to the grasses at the end of the lake
 more tree trunks
 magnolias forcing their way open..

 and carpets of daffodils...
amazing how bending down completely changes the perspective...

so that was Kew today, hope you enjoyed it again!  I hope it's warmer next time I go!!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

It's Orchid Time again at Kew

When I last went two or three weeks ago, they were starting to get things in place... today is the official opening of the annual Orchid Display and so I set off to make sure I was there as soon as the gates opened (wind and drizzly rain not putting me off)   Luckily unlike last week, I made it (disaster of an attempted journey, replacement bus service, broken down trains... gave up and came home)

So, I spent a very happy couple of hours among the carnival Brazil themed Orchid Display... 200 photos later I'm home.... sit back and enjoy!

A mixture of airplants and orchids hanging above your head
 the centrepiece of the pond is a series of carnival headdress inspired displays in different colours..
I would have loved to have been able to get in amongst them for some close ups!

 view from the back, I love the fluffy fans!

 archways, dripping with plants
 Back round to the beginning, this time viewed from above up some steps

 more archways


so many different varieties!
this was darker in real life, a gorgeously rich opulent black-purple.

and these white ones were teeny!

I could have gone on for hours (I did... and I will go back again...)
 back outside, into the very windy but luckily not raining gardens...

carpets of crocus appearing
 very grey skies!
 the dogwood looks great against such a grey backdrop though
daffodils coming out too
the dogwood from the other side of the lake - loving the shapes of the trees against the grey skies
 in a few weeks this flowering cherry will be glorious!
 the geese are enjoying the blossoming gardens too.
 fabulous shapes in tree trunks, this is from where a branch has fallen

 More great shapes of branches

and these steps leading up from the rhododendran glade (they are coming into bloom already)
and carpets of daffodils too.

hope you enjoyed the trip - it was fabulous there today!