Sunday, October 21, 2012

Glorious Autumn Colours Kew 20.1012

Hello again!  Despite a miserably cloudy overcast day, yesterday at Kew was worth the trip and the photos have come out better than I feared - the trees have changed so much since my last trip the week before last (see previous post)  Here are some of my favourites from yesterday.

 the latest David Nash sculpture to be unveiled in the appropriately but unconnected named Nash Conservatory.  This is made from cork looks incredible close up - there is a timelapse film on the Kew website, of it being installed.
strong colours in the grass garden - I'm not a huge fan of ornamental grasses, but they've come into their own at this time of year.
love this plant with the waterfall backdrop.

such rich colours!
this does look better with a strong blue sky behind it, I need Photoshop!!

 I think this sugar maple is my favourite tree at this time of year - and I can't believe how a) the colour has changed so much in 2 weeks and b) how many leaves it's lost.  Check back to the previous post to see it on 6th October!

I love how you can just see glimpses of the buildings through the tree (in this case, the Temperate House)

 Think this looks even more like a giraffe's legs now, peering through to the Palm House in the distance.

Not sure when I'll get to go back again, or maybe I'll try somewhere different!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back to Kew

Yesterday was due to dawn sunny so - you guessed it - Kew it was.

The trees are turning, the colours are going to be good this year, it is all the rain earlier apparently. Can't wait for a couple of weeks when it should be brilliant.  Yesterday was good too, it had been very wet overnight but dry by the time I woke (plenty of puddles though.)

 As usual it wasn't quite time to open when I arrived - the view through the gate!
A lot of dew still on the grass and long shadows growing
and reflections in the Palm House Pond
Love the effect of the steamed up lens inside the tropically heated Palm House!
 More reflections..
and glimpses through trees

 These poor bulbs (they're not Autumn Flowering Crocus though very similar) have been battered by the recent rain!

 experimenting with contrast of dark and light and the shadows
 these trees will be beautiful soon!

 Love these colours, some sort of vines hanging over a pergola
and a brilliantly blue sky behind..

Just loved this reflection that of the sugar maple trees in this window!
this is the actual tree!


Hope you enjoyed my trip as much as I did!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Early morning at Kew - 15.9.12

Yesterday, I took advantage of a 'members only' invitation to visit Kew Gardens really early - you know I always get there for normal opening at 9.30 - this time, for members, they opened at 7.30 yesterday.  I couldn't miss that opportunity, as I have always wanted to see Kew really early in the morning.

I arrived at 8am and the light was fabulous - the sun was already up, but low in the sky, the dew was on the grass, the shadows were great.  I took 2 rolls of film and here are some of them!

some great reflections in the lake!

more great reflections!
 love the shadows

 A lucky shot this one, was trying to focus on something else when I caught sight of the swans circling round and just got them!
 these benches look like they're having a conversation!

 I really like the Treetop Walkway structure.
The dew still on the Walkway.

David Nash sculptures (see a previous post for more)
some are wood (recycled trees, not cut specially), some iron, some bronze. They are there till next April.

view from one end to the other of the Temperate House. doors each end open...

This is a great sculpture, looks like a headless giraffe!!

Even now, it was only just gone 10 am - and time for me to leave!!

I hope to go again on the 29th when they repeat this early opening, as by then, the mornings should be crisper and the light even better!!