Sunday, September 16, 2012

Early morning at Kew - 15.9.12

Yesterday, I took advantage of a 'members only' invitation to visit Kew Gardens really early - you know I always get there for normal opening at 9.30 - this time, for members, they opened at 7.30 yesterday.  I couldn't miss that opportunity, as I have always wanted to see Kew really early in the morning.

I arrived at 8am and the light was fabulous - the sun was already up, but low in the sky, the dew was on the grass, the shadows were great.  I took 2 rolls of film and here are some of them!

some great reflections in the lake!

more great reflections!
 love the shadows

 A lucky shot this one, was trying to focus on something else when I caught sight of the swans circling round and just got them!
 these benches look like they're having a conversation!

 I really like the Treetop Walkway structure.
The dew still on the Walkway.

David Nash sculptures (see a previous post for more)
some are wood (recycled trees, not cut specially), some iron, some bronze. They are there till next April.

view from one end to the other of the Temperate House. doors each end open...

This is a great sculpture, looks like a headless giraffe!!

Even now, it was only just gone 10 am - and time for me to leave!!

I hope to go again on the 29th when they repeat this early opening, as by then, the mornings should be crisper and the light even better!!


snazzyoriginal said...

These photos are just wonderful, everything seems so peaceful so you relax just looking at them xx

Anonymous said...

Terrific photos, love the one of the swan flying by.