Friday, March 25, 2016

A good, Good Friday at Kew

Today is the only day of our Easter weekend where the weather was declared to be good enough to get out and do "stuff"... and sure enough, the sky is bright blue and the sun is shining.

I took a very long convoluted route to Kew Gardens (thanks, Network Rail engineering works programme... a doubling of my journey to 2 hours... each way..)
But it was SO worth it... settle back and enjoy.

 the Glory of the Snow (I can never remember the Latin name) has come from nowhere in two weeks since I was there.
 and there are huge drifts of daffodils - these must be later ones, as lots have gone over
 the magnolias against a gorgeous sky - no filters!
 close up of the flower centre.

 although these look very pretty, there were lots of blooms that have gone brown and discoloured on the trees - not sure why; it's not been frosty; perhaps just the rain?

close up of buds on trees
 and the Henry Moore sculpture in the sun

 new growth everywhere..
 March - Britain - blue sky!
once more the lift up the walkway was closed for repair - I swear it's been out of action more than it's been in use!
but I did climb up the steps!  coming down is so much easier...
 but you do get good views of the gardens - the Palm House is peeking through these trees!

 and you get to see a glimpse of the repairs to the Temperate House...
back down on the ground (obviously!)

 more daffodils... there were hundreds of people here today, and lots of them walking through the daffodils, posing for photographs.  so I waited for a clear spot!
 moss covered bark on a big tree
this tree, and the daffodils from the photo above, are these all round the tree
back to the Palm House, with lots of people out enjoying the sunshine!
 the flowering cherry is coming into bloom - I expect by the next time I'll be able to get there (I'm busy the next two Saturdays) - it will be past it's best..

and of course I took lots of pictures of my favourite spot in the gardens, the fountain int he Palm House lake.   Sparkling in the spring sunshine...

 I know you've seen these hundreds of times before, but I love this spot!  this one in particular I am really pleased with, it looks as if they are suspended in mid air from nowhere ( I suppose they are, really!)
 the dogwood has been cut back, but still provides a great foil for the Palm House
 and the spring beds are looking gorgeous
 the Palm House beds in particular, love the yellow/purple mix

 the waterlily house has also re-opened after it's winter maintenance, this flower is still very small
 and I still love the reflection of the roof in the water, made more apparent in the sun, and by the black food dye they use to colour the water to show off the blooms better.
 outside the waterlily house, a frilly tulip
 and more drifts of daffodils

 don't think I've every stopped to photograph this before, it's outside the Princess of Wales glasshouse, bronze sculpture by Eduardo Paolozzi
 when I came back past later, there were young children climbing over it, which I am sure you're not meant to.....
 round the POW glasshouse to the wooded area, lots of different blue flowers, so many different varieties.

 and a pretty white magnolia

 with something orange peeking through from the next door bed..

 inside the Palm House, air plants

 towers of bromeliads
 and spring planting outside

one last glimpse of blue sky ... time for my long journey home

I would have stopped for lunch because I was very hungry, but the queues were so long I abandoned that idea!

Hope you enjoyed the trip today, do let me know!