Saturday, September 12, 2015

The first signs of Autumn at Kew

This morning was the first Saturday in 3 that I've had the chance to go to Kew... it was damp and grey but with odd glimpses of blue sky when I set out... but soon brightened up.  How I wished I had had my sunglasses..
 started in the Princess of Wales glasshouse again today, where I finally bumped into Elisa who is responsible for the fabulous tropical displays in spring. I've been following her on twitter for some time, but never met her until today.  She was busy watering,

 that's her in the background, lol!
the air plants look great right now
 and some big fruit of something or other!

 outside, into the Order Beds, where there were a group who were obviously doing a photography course.

Love these seed heads
 and these ladybird like poppies!

 lots of fruit and veg in the beds from the Kew on a Plate series


 yellow/white Red Hot Pokers, lol!


 the sun was shining brightly now, so I headed for my favourite spot!

 still lots of colour in the Parterre bed outside the Palm House, though less red now than last time, 3 weeks ago.
 Inside the Palm House, big leaves turned translucent by the sun
 Michaelmas Daisies, love them!

 more seed heads

 and pretty flower middles

 The trees are starting to turn - I reckon with all the rain we've had and the spells of hot weather, we could be in for a great Autumn display.. watch this space!

 this is a Chinese Nettle tree apparently!
 I was walking in a really random direction this time, not the usual route I take, so I came across things at different times to normal.

Love how the zoom foreshortens the distance between the Henry Moore and the trees behind, it's in quite a large clearing, but I wanted to get some shots of the trees through her holes (as it were!!)

 so took lots!
from the sculpture, it's but a hop skip and jump to the lake and the Sackler Crossing with it's wavy shape

 lots of ducks sunbathing
 glimpses of autumnal colour in the distance, led me across the bridge...

 past the swan preening
alongside the lake towards this

 past giant Redwoods - this one shooting upwards to the top... on and on it went!

yes, it's red!

 have never walked right up to the end before
 never seen a heron before either! there's obviously fish in the lake!
from the lake I went towards the woody area where in spring I go for the bluebells...
love this fluff!
the light was gorgeous
 Queen Charlotte's cottage - open, today, never seen it open before - you only see a couple of rooms, but it was great to be there at the right time, it's not open for long.
 loads of berries on the Rowan trees
and these are  Malus Yunnanensis.. and yes I photographed the label to remember!
Never heard of it, but they look like tiny apples, don't they!
the vines are turning, these are climbers around one of the restuarants
 some years ago, I got a great shot of this (it's my FB profile photo), in full sun and full autumnal colour, shown in the reflection in the windows... never yet recreated it successfully..
this one's not bad - but  maybe next time.

 no idea what this tree was, these berry things were really high up
 leaves trailing round the main visitor centre roof
 outside the Palm House (gone in a huge circle!)

 the waterlilies are still splendid!

 ominous clouds over the Palm House.. but they scurried off and left the sun behind
 the Rose Garden still looks great and smells better  - wish you could get the scent!

 Kew is right under the flight path to Heathrow.. jets go overhead constantly!

I was starving by now (it was gone 1pm) and didn't fancy any of the sandwich varieties today, so headed home...
back across Kew Bridge to the station.. lots of people standing watching the river... and all these boats kept rowing past.. apparently it's the Great River Race today.. about 300 boats taking part, great timing on my part!

thanks for making it to the end, hope you enjoyed today's trip as much as I did!


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Fantastic photos Helen, glad you had such an enjoyable morning.

Lesley Ebdon said...

I always make it to the end Helen ;-)! I love your Kew posts and this one has certainly added some very welcome colour to what has been a rather drab day until very late this evening. Glad you didn't get the quite torrential showers we had all morning.

Lesley Xx

Sally H said...

Thanks for another tour of Kew. Your photos are wonderful as always. A bit of sunshine here but the heavy showers did mean the clouds were interesting!

Etsuko Noguchi said...

Thanks Autumn Kew. I never been to but Kew is my favorite place. xx

sam21ski said...

Still some lovely colours to be had, great photos again, thanks for sharing xx