Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer's back!

Today dawned scorching hot...only one thing for it!
I started by taking a different route to the Princess of Wales glasshouse through the Secluded Garden
 plants along the path looking very pretty
 inside, the "Big Stink" is preparing to flower - typically a few hours later, when I was on the train home! at least I didn't have to smell it (rotting flesh apparently!)
 and this little guy was sunning himself on the steps above the waterlilies in the POW glasshouse - haven't seen him for ages!!

 he's on the edge of the side of the steps in this pic, lol
 outside, in the Order Beds.. love the fluffy white behind the Echinops.

 took lots of these!

 and the Echinacea looking great too
 told you I took lots!



 the beds in the Dukes Garden, labelled as the Exotic Beds (think due to the colours, they're not particularly exotic species) were as the sign at the gates said, looking fabulous again today.

 down on the path to get these views

 this statue is called The Sower (he's in the Grass Garden)
 "my" fountain, still my favourite place when the sun shines like it was today.

 the Parterre beds outside the Palm House, still looking fabulous - they've been really long lasting this year - the red is now more dominant though

and the water lilies in the Waterlily house
 plants round the outside of the pond, (still inside the Waterlily House) love this one!

 these are in the entrance, there's a couple of beds inside the main door, before you go into the Waterlily House itself
the roof of the Waterlily House, (would have taken a wider angle, if the people would have stopped coming out and getting in the way all the time)
 the Orangery - now a restaurant - in days gone by it was (obviously) an Orangery, I also remember it as a gift shop, too.
Red Hot Poker (orange ones, lol!) which just caught my eye as I was about to go.

I was there from 10 till about 12.30 today..  took 250 photos, stopped for water and cake (banana this time) and got very hot!!

Thanks for looking .


sam21ski said...

oooh it gets more colourful every time. No sure about the lizard creature thingy though, looks like you got a bit close to me!!


Angela Curror said...

Gorgeous photos! Lots of things I recognise but quite a few that I don't. Love the creature, the crazy flowers and of course the fountain too.

Claire said...

Amazing colours everywhere. Especially love that photo of the echinacea - so beautiful! X

craftimamma said...

Lovely visit Helen and I love the lizard! Gorgeous colours throughout and the fountains looked very tempting in the heat we've had/have today. I have found it totally oppressive so doubt I could have walked round anywhere for 2 and a half hours, lol! Well done you!

Lesley Xx

Sally H said...

Thanks for another lovely visit, Helen! I loved the lizard too - you captured his wonderful colours and face beautifully. I can almost hear the bees on the echinacea and echinops, and that penstomen looks like one we saw at Threave - almost ultraviolet.
Beautiful, beautiful photos x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Don't you get a bit disappointed when people get in your way while you are trying to take a photo? I've found a lot of people are very respectful, yet others walk right in front of you as you are snapping a shot. One time I asked if I should send a release form to the guy who seemed to intentionally walk in front of me TWICE.

I don't think I've ever seen the statue of The Sower before. It's wonderful.

Lots of beauty in the waterlily house this trip. I also liked the lizard who seemed to actually pose for you.

Of course, a trip to Kew wouldn't be complete without lovely photos of "your" fountain. I would probably recognize it anywhere, since I've seen it so often in your photos. I never tire of it, either.

Thanks for taking me. It took me almost as long to peruse these photos as it did you to visit Kew last week. So glad mine was in the comfort of an air conditioned room!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Forgot to mention. Yes, I believe roundabout is a British term for what we call merry go round. BJ showed me a link to photos of them and that's what she called the one she showed on her blog.