Saturday, April 16, 2016

Kew- mizzly, muddy and magnificent

Hello again, had a chance to go to Kew again today, even though (as the title suggests) it wasn't a perfect day! Took hundreds of pictures, just a shame there is no blue sky behind them! Hope you enjoy.

 the magnolia inside the gate, petals dropping onto the bluebells underneath

 beds of bluebells  in pockets around the gardens
 lots and lots of trees in blossom now, so fragrant.
 beds of tulips outside the Princess of Wales glasshouse
 refuges inside the POW, from the Temperate House during it's restoration
looks so different without the vibrant orchid display of earlier this spring!
stunning Jade Vine with lots of pendulous blooms hanging

 the giant Titan Arum growing madly

 perlagonium in the POW arid section
 more trees in blossom outside

the flowering cherry by the Palm House Pond

inside the Palm House, love how the lens has misted up again (I kept wiping it) and created this atmospheric shot

 despite the gloom, the greens of the trees and grass are vivid already

the branches of the acer are covered in moss, beautiful!
the lake at the Sackler crossing

 starry petals of the Camus, a big drift of bluey-violet

 the path through the wooded area to the bluebell wood was VERY muddy and it was hard in places to stay on my feet...
 but the bluebells are looking pretty already

 and more magnolia

 and tulips

hope you enjoyed all these - lets hope next time we go, the weather is kinder (was glad of my big duck down filled coat!)


sam21ski said...

Hmmm, looks as muddy as our dog walk this morning with all them puddles!
Absolutely love that jade colour, it doesn't look like a flower, never even knew you could get anything that colour - fabulous xxx

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Sometimes a rainy muddy day is absolutely perfect nonetheless :)

Chris Cresswell said...

Oh I have enjoyed looking through these. I love the water droplets on the last flower image. These are stunning. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning! It really makes me want to return to Kew. Thanks for sharing these Helen!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Gorgeous pictures , I love the look of that Jade Vine. Tracy x

Sarah B said...

Beautiful pictures - I love Spring flowers and blossom xx

Kirsten said...

It might have been grey & muddy, but you still got gorgeous photos. That jade vine is stunning.

Angela Curror said...

Gorgeous colours! Glad you made it today in spite of the weather.

Cardarian said...

I certainly enjoyed your post, stunning photos of beautiful nature. Thank you for sharing. Lots of hugs Cardarian

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Looks like they planted a few daffodils in with the bluebells under the magnolia tree in the first and second photos inside the gate.

I LOVED the photo of the palms inside the Palm house. That was a fantastic photo. I bet my hair would have been REALLY curly in there!

The lake photos you took look like it was raining while you took them. It's certainly atmospheric, as is the photo of the road/path through the wooded area.

I'm so glad I joined you at Kew today, even though I didn't get cold, wet, or even damp in the Palm House. I certainly had fun looking, though. Thanks for taking me with you. You certainly covered a very different area during this latest tour.