Saturday, July 16, 2016

Steamy Kew... at last!

I woke at 5 o'clock this morning... dratted body clock.  However, I was planning to go to Kew whatever time I woke up, so early early it was then.
The day started very overcast but not cold, and ended with blue skies and HOT sunshine!! whatever next, you'll be telling me it's summertime...
So, 300 photos and 4 hours walking later, (too hot to stay any longer) here are the results. (well some lots of them!)

 the train delayed me a little, it was a few minutes late, so it was just gone 8 when I arrived.
As I said, still very cloudy first thing (I took another shot here later on when the sun came out, we'll see how different it looks down the blog a bit...)
 the summer bedding outside the Palm House has grown apace since I was here 2 weeks ago.
 round the back of the Palm House, the Agapanthus are a gorgeous colour
 and I love how they burst open..
this looks like it should have a face painted on it!
 due to the still quite dull conditions it was very quiet for a while, the Broad Walk totally deserted, looks huge (it's 320 metres long) and you can see how wide it is. the borders are mirrored on each side, like they've been carved apart by the path. (intentionally)

Once again I walked the length, everything has grown lots!
 these lillies smelt fabulous.
 not sure what this pink frothy stuff is, but it was lovely (tall too)

 love the purple and yellow section

more agapanthus.
 seemingly seamlessly moving between border ad the wildflower meadow around the Hive, that's great foreshortening by the camera, ha ha!

 the summer "Kew the Music " concerts are in mid flow (think they finish this weekend) the stage is all quiet now... one year I may book tickets, bet they're good evenings!

 love this purpley-pink colour

A sea of Achillea

the pathway is in the middle of this, but you can see how the bedding is mirrored across the way!

 Love these

 water drops on the alchemilla mollis again
 more of that pink froth! (I'm round the back of the border now, with the long lens on to get closer)
 and back up to the start (if you go from the Palm House end!) to the lillies.

 you know this....
 love the bright red crocosmia and the yellow combination
with some purple thrown in, and the fountain behind it.

 although this is a better one of the flowers!
 the Order Beds from the top of the hill at the Temple of Aelous
so much colour!  I was heading here next for the California Poppies!

 the bees were loving this

 seed heads, think these are the peonies.
 love the magenta pink phlox behind the orange poppies

 Nigella seedhead
 I got right down on the grass

 got a bit carried away, but I love them!  the sun was trying to come out and the clouds were finally clearing..

 as a kid, I always hated hydrangeas, for some reason; but now I love them... am obviously getting old!

 not sure what these are,
 but I love how they unfurl from this...
 to this....

to this!
love this yellow Verbascum

it grows really tall, it was higher than me.
stately lupins

love how papery thin these are (against a still grey sky!)
 beautiful blue cornflowers
 bit of an arty shot here, focussing on the ones in the background
 it was time to head to the Hive, up past the wildflower meadow.. these daisy types are fabulous
 great view of the Broad Walk below
 more lying down on the path to get these low shots

 the Hive, slightly different angle for a change, don't want you getting bored!
on the bottom level, under the hill, lying on the floor pointing up to the sky above through the glass layer inbetween
 into the Duke's Garden now, lots of height and some blue sky as you will see...
love the day lilies.  yes, lying on the floor again!

 lying flat on the grass pointing up through the plants to the sky.  had no idea whilst I was there what I was getting as it was too bright to see the viewing screen. Love them!!
 did some barefoot walking too, the grass was lovely and soft, and even the paths were ok too!
was careful where I did my barefoot walking, as there are lots of geese at Kew... lol!

back at the Rose Garden behind the Palm House, still some strong blooms and fragrance

 waterlily house time...

 had a sit on a bench outside the Palm House, only I can't just sit...

 I promised you a version of this with the sun on it right at the beginning!

 the planes were (constantly) flying overhead, and seemed very low... this was the best of the ones I snapped
 on the way out now, bed of snap dragons..
and a final daisy!

thanks (if you're still here!) for coming with me on this mammoth walk!! I did the hard part for you...


Angela Curror said...

Gorgeous photos Helen. The seed heads look like poppies to me. I was at Coombe Wood again this morning - haven't got round to sorting my photos out yet.

snazzyoriginal said...

Stunning photos, had forgotten you can get Verbascum in that sunny yellow, loved it. Many thanks for all those steps you took for me, I was too hot to move here in the studio x

sam21ski said...

Another great selection of photos, more stunning colours and glad the sun came out for you eventually xx

PaperArtsy Rubber Stamps said...

Oh beautiful photos Helen. I have no idea of flower names. The unfurling thing was cool and ORANGE poppies! I didn't know this either! Very cool. And the daisies are fab! Those I do know!

Chris Cresswell said...

Gosh Helen. What fantastic photos and what an array of superlative colour. The purple flowers mixed in with the crocosmia looks like water droplets. Absolutely beautiful. I'm not surprised you go back time and time again. There is so much to see. I think Lin and I should come down and meet you there one day soon! You are such a talented photographer. You should work for Kew's Marketing dept.

craftimamma said...

All I can say is absolutely breathtaking Helen! Stunning photos as always but what a treat. Thanks for taking the walk for us, I for one could not do it in heat especially!

Lesley Xx

Neet said...

As I wandered through your post I thought "I'll comment on that flower, ooh, such and such about that one"but now I have forgotten as there was so much to see and enjoy.
Thanks Helen for a lovely tour, I think I have that pink stuff in my garden but the name will not come to me at this unearthly hour (for me) plus the pain in my toothless gum is getting to me. Can understand why you don't like the dentist now, don't think I will any ore.
Hugs, Neet xx
ps is it astillbe?

Diana Taylor said...

Wow, what fabulous photos, they are all stunning, but I have to say I particularly love the Agapanthus, they are a real favourite of mine. I also laughed when you said you used to hate hydrangeas - I'm exactly the same, I love them now! Thank you for the wonderful tour, it's a lovely way to start a Wednesday!
Diana x

Felicia Aaron said...

Oh my stars Helen, each and every photo is gorgeous! I would have been in flower did you ever leave that divine place???? Thank you for sharing a bit of your day with us.....and for doing the hard part! LOLOL Blessings, Felicia