Saturday, July 2, 2016

Another trip to Kew

I decided I would go to Kew again this morning, but didn't plan to necessarily go early - was hoping for a lie in, if I am honest... but my body clock being what it is I woke before 6.30 and it was sunny...
I arrived about 8.20 so not long after the members early opening

 look at the gorgeous blue sky early on!
 and the sun was sparkling on "my" fountain

and dancing on the surface of the pond
the Broad Walk is looking gorgeous, the planting has really developed  - spent some time walking up and down..

 since I was here, they have put in the border planting guides, beautifully illustrated...

 the geese were having breakfast, and as the Hive hadn't opened (well it was still roped off) I headed for mine too..

I took my coffee and muffin outside in the sunshine, and this guy wandered up to see what was on offer..

and with a rustle of his tail feathers put on a great display for us
 you can see my camera bag on the floor behind him, he was that close

then it was off to the Hive again - still before 10, still officially "roped off" but several people had walked round the rope so I joined them... what a rebel!
 the structure looks quite dense, but to answer Elizabeth's comment last time, it IS open to the air,

and as you can see, you can see through - it isn't dense at all!

 laid down on the glass floor to take this up into the top
 and down underneath, people were doing the same thing..
 so I joined in down there too
 sky still beautifully blue, although there were clouds in the sky
 peeking through the giant ancient wisteria, even though there are no blooms there was a gorgeous scent, not sure if from this or something else I couldn't pinpoint

 as you can see, it's quite an old specimen!

 the Rock Garden (I'm sharing these all jumbled up today!)
 water droplets on the alchemila mollis (Lady's Mantle)

 out into the Order Beds, the Nigella looking stunning
 beautiful Clematis

 California Poppies
 roses on the pergola still in fine bloom

 wonderful lily

 after ten now, so the glasshouses were open - this handsome fellow lives in the Princess of Wales glasshouse, I've shown him before (Chinese Water Dragon, though he's a lizard I believe)

water drops on huge leaf
 orchids hanging overhead

 the Alpine house

more poppies
peeking through a Horse Chestnut to the Hive again

 the wildflower meadow round the Hive is settling in and growing nicely

 back to the Broad Walk

 Snap Dragons
 bees enjoying the sun and pollen

that's it for today, three and a half hours of mostly sun... 

let's not talk about the heavy shower that caught me hiding in a shop doorway on the way home; but I didn't get too wet! 


Angela Curror said...

Lovely photos again Helen. The Hive looks fantastic against the blue sky. It was definitely worth lying down for those photos!

sam21ski said... seem to have seen lots of 'creatures' on this trip xx

Lesley Ebdon said...

Wonderful photos Helen. Love the 'dragon' and the wildflower meadow, just gorgeous!

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Very impressive photos. Even though you were good enough to answer my question, I'm still confused about the hive, though. Do the bees go in there? Or are they at a different location and only trigger the lights? I wouldn't want to lie down in an active bee hive. If so, you are far braver than I.

I simply adore the Broad Walk and the photos you took of the borders. I spent a lot of time reading all those different flowers and plants they used.

Is it my imagination, or is this the first time I've seen the rock garden? Seems it's new to me.

LOVE the peacock and you took some excellent shots of him. Somehow I thought the lizard was a komodo dragon.

Glad to read you didn't get too wet with all that camera equipment at your side. Thanks for sharing these photos with us mere mortals. LOVED them all!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for setting me straight. I knew you said the lights came on due to bee activity elsewhere in the park, but for some reason, I thought the hive also was a place the bees could venture. Thanks for the info and I'm certainly NO longer confused!!