Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show - part 1

Hi, stand by for another mammoth post... I fact I think I'll split it into more than one...
I love going to the Hampton Court Flower Show, although I haven't been for the last couple of years.  I decided that I would go this year, only a couple of days ago, after much deliberation over the forecast... it's not fun in the rain (I should know, I've done it before)

Anyhow, they said today would be cloudy but brightening up and would be humid this afternoon.. I took a chance and wore my "Wimbledon" outfit - maxi dress and sandals - should have taken the hat too, I ended up buying another one, it turned out so hot!!
 The journey is easy enough, one change of train and a short walk along the river following the crowds (or a boat if you wish)
 As soon as I got inside, the sun came out and stayed out!  It was boiling hot...The show was split into three areas, "Inspire", "Grow" and "Escape".
I started at Inspire,
 Conceptual Gardens are a feature of Hampton Court, and this year included some turf sculptures.  I had good intentions of making notes of the ones I took pictures of... yeah, right!!

The Conceptual Gardens this year, were themed around the 7 deadly sins... This is Sloth, Quarry of Silences...

and this is  Pride "breaking down the walls of pride"
lots of yellow and purple
 This is Wrath "Eruption of unhealed anger"
This was a fabulous garden, rich hot reds and golds and an exploding water volcano type feature....
 careful where you stand!
 the colours weren't all rich hot reds, lots of soft colours and beautiful stone work..

 This was the Macmillan Cancer garden, beautiful beautiful planting (and free - or a donation - suncream sachets, which were very handy!)

Lots of the gardens had big sculptures in.  I'll keep most of them for a separate post.

 Not sure which one this was...I love this natural wild look (mainly because I leave my own to do what it wants...) although this is very carefully done here!

"The forgotten folly"  - beautiful garden

 NSPCC Legacy Garden - one of my favourites.
love the blue Agapanthas

 so much to look at from different angles.
 and jars containing messages from some of the children that the charity has helped.

I'll leave this for now, as this is getting a bit picture heavy and there are LOTS more favourites to come!


Lin said...

Wow Helen what gorgeous piccies...loved all of them! wished I'd come along with you x

margaret said...

Lovely pictures Helen off to look at part 2!! Margaret

sam21ski said...

WOW what a colourful post, love the inspire grassy photos and the one of the kids putting messages in the jars is a lovely touch.

Off to find part 2 - Sam xx

Hazel Agnew said...

Brilliant. Really enjoyed looking Helen. X

snazzyoriginal said...

A feast for the eyes, eagerly awaiting you next post xx

Lesley Edmonds said...

Fabulous pics Helen. Made me wish I was there x