Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hampton Court Flower Show - part 2

If you're still with me....let's carry on round the show.
There were lots of gardens using Eryngium - I'd love to have some - this is from the "Bounce Back" garden, a charity that works with ex-offenders.

Again, lots of blues and purples   I think this is why I liked so many of the gardens, my favourite colours!!!

A Space to Connect and Grow... stunning..Another of my favourites! The designer Jeni Cairns has used lots of recycled materials and has some fantastic elements in her garden. This won the Best Summer Garden category, gold medal and best garden. I loved it.
recycled oil drums

gorgeous designs etched onto these drums used as planters. Appealed to the crafter in me!
From there I went into the Rose Marquee - and some wonderful blooms. they had a circus theme this year and all the exhibitors had various circus elements or added delights to stage their roses.
a better use of the cages than for animals
this was gorgous
striking colours

Into the main - and massive - Floral Marquee - now one long marquee rather than in the show's early days, several inter-connecting ones.

more blue and white - agapanthas again
air plants
love alliums and those tall spiky flowers I can never remember the name of!

dahlias, colour co-ordinated round the stand

echinacae - stunning ... I could go on adding photos forever.. but you may get bored!
Back out to the gardens  - this is for
the One Show tv programme - they ran a competition for a viewer to design a garden and came up with a complete winner - a sunken garden... one of my favourites.. I know I have lots, but this was gorgeous. It's the colours again I think!
her design is based on the Roman city of Bath. (now I read the leaflet)

I don't think my photos do it justice, actually (must have been getting tired)

Come back for part 3 - the non flower part (unless I can't help myself!)


Lin said...

oh wow it looks like you had a wonderful day Helen the piccies are absolutely beautiful! x

sam21ski said...

Wow all the different shapes and colours, they loo amazing.
The black, pink and orange reminds me of oriental.

Sam xx

Hazel Agnew said...

Really enjoyed part 2 as well. Very inspiring. X

snazzyoriginal said...

Amazing gardens, I'm with you on the blues & lavenders but have the urge to create a small white only courtyard garden in our next place. Will be back for part 3 xx

Lesley Edmonds said...

Isaw the one show garden on the tv and really liked all the grasses and purple planting x