Saturday, December 30, 2017

Kew with a twist!

So I did manage another visit to Kew, and had a visitor with me too, my cousin who I don't see as often as I should or would like...

We took the pace steady and were there a good few hours... I didn't take as many pictures as I often do, Angela took several hundred more than me.....her blog will appear later some time and I will come back and link it as she will have some beauties!

 we started walking down the Broad Walk - it felt odd acting as tour guide rather than just wandering...
I was explaining that  I love these fluffy little seed heads..
 with the more spiky looking bits in the background..
and how hard they are to get in focus properly!

 we both have a love of seedheads...

there was a hint of sun behind the cloudy sky..

 and it was very windy - the spray from the fountain was blowing all over the place.
I even filmed a bit on my phone

 the dogwoods are still stunningly bright - about the only bit of colour today (apart from some green)
hope Angela will forgive me...

 we went into the Princess of Wales glasshouse were we saw this cactus whose flowers looked like a woolly hat.....
no sniggering at the back!
 Being with a friend made me look at things differently to usual... and see things I don't always spot.
 like this lacy hole in a big fern leaf
 We were talking about the Chinese Water dragons that live in the POW and I said how rarely I see them....

then rounded a corner....

air plants hanging like a curtain
 patterns on leaves
 one of the students was watering the orchids in the display

back outside, we went to look at this, that I rarely look at, it is just "there"!
 in the alpine house

 bubbles on the water
 obviously we had to visit the Hive
 fabulous cloud patterns
 back round the pond towards the cafe and refreshments...
 gunnera flower spikes

 more branchy-cloud pictures!
 and of course my current fave, Life in Death...

 the restoration work at the Temperate House...

 and the Treetop Walkway... we had hoped to use the lift but it was out of service...

 back on the ground again...

no reflections in the lake today, it was too windy
 double big ball selfie time!  (you may need to click to enlarge)

we had been talking about the abundance of Plane trees and how they look like they'd been festooned with Christmas bauble decorations... it was nice to see some blue sky too
 cutting through the rose garden, a large clump of rosehips
 "back door" of the Palm House entrance

 having not climbed enough steps we took the spiral staircase up to the top walkway round the Palm House interior

 there are plants growing on the outside of the windows... I suspect this may be next in line for restoration given the state of some of the windows!!
 I always like the view along the roof
 and we both saw the glistening of the water drops at the same time... think Angela will have got a better picture to me though!
 and I always love the rails of the staircase

 and this is in the stairs

 more cloud patterns...

but it was time to head home, we were both getting tired!

Was great to have company and great to have one final visit of 2017 ....  (I have just counted up, and I went 36 times this year... that's a lot of photos!)

but I'll be back soon!

Edit...  as promised, the link to Angela's blog and some of her 450 photos from yesterday... Even though we were walking together she has some different view points and angles and they are well worth a look!


Miriam said...

Gorgeous photos.... And how lovely to have your cousin with you. I love seeing how Kew has changed throughout the year. Simply stunning. And yes, I admit, I was sniggering at the cactus!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow. Everything seems still so green there. The fountain looked lovely, but it looked like you would get wet if you got too close.

I promise to NOT laugh at the cactus, because this blog is not X rated!

What fabulous photos of the Chinese water dragon. And of course, I'm a HUGE fan of air plants. I used to own two.

I LOVE that sculpture and I'm so glad you shared it today. It is one I could look at all day!

I agree the Palm House looks in a bit of disrepair. The plants inside are truly gorgeous, though, and I'd hate to have to find spaces for them during restoration.

Thanks for the fun and different visit today. I want to personally wish you a festive, safe, and joyous New Year and an art and photography filled 2018.

craftimamma said...

Now why on earth would one snigger at a cactus??? He! He! It looks like you had a wonderful final visit of 2017 if a bit on the blustery side. You took some pretty awesome photos, my favourites of the day being the lacy hole in the leaf and the Chinese water dragon. He's gorgeous! Thank you for taking us on your visits throughout the year again Helen and I look forward to many more throughout 2018.

Lesley Xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

You really did excel yourself with some unusual shots and some beautiful plants! Cactus? What Cactus? LOL!
Hugs, Chrisx