Saturday, December 9, 2017

Cold and Frosty at Kew

Well, I had a lovely time AT Kew, but a totally frustrating day otherwise.... lost my watch on the way to the station and whilst I was at Kew my phone seemed to die... oh and I missed my connection at Clapham Junction on the way to Kew by a nano-second... then had trouble getting my photos off the camera....

Other than that, it was perfect!  Settle back and enjoy ...
 on the way I was looking out of the train window and saw some amazing plane trails (we're on the flightpath to Heathrow) and I couldn't wait to get off to capture some - the moon was still visible too
the ones I saw on the train were incredible, but I couldn't avoid the reflection of the lights in the window
 walking to Kew,  frosty tops of cars!

it was cold... but no snow luckily (although I would love Kew in the snow!)
 even the boards outside seemed frosty

Loved how the grass shows as shadows on the frosty path! 

 it was a day of frost and shadows (and plane trails) and sunshine...

 had the foresight to put the bulky camera bag out of sight!

 the dogwoods were shining brightly in the sun!

 gorgeous reflections, and the very edge of the pond is frozen - no doubt by the end of the weekend more of it will freeze, although as the fountain is still on, the moving water may stop it freezing completely

 just look at the dogwoods reflected in the water!
walked across the grass, leaves frosty in the sun

 even the "Christmas presents" lining part of the Christmas trail were frosty!
 the Liquidamber was stunning - you can see why it got it's name!
 told you it's a day of plane trails!

 just beautiful against the blue sky

 more plane trails over the Temperate House
 the moon... it's bedtime, moon!!

 still can't resist taking a few more pics of these!
close ups today..

 sorbus berries magnificent against the sky up above my head
the small lake part way up Cedar Vista is totally frozen
 when I got to the end of Cedar Vista the lake was looking fabulous
Love the three bullrushes in the foreground!  there's usually more! 
 more plane trails!

 Selfy in the baubles

the baubles are frosty too! 

 peering through a Monkey Puzzle tree

 multiple plane trails!
 really liked the bottom zig-zaggy edge of this one!

walked through the Palm House back out to the pond...

 a huge crowd of geese on the water

 the Waterlily house is closed in winter, if you look through you may be able to see they have drained the water and cut back all the plants round the windows
 Malus berries
 the sun has moved round quite a bit, but still bright
 especially on "my" fountain
the rose pergola in the Family Beds area is pruned right back, but there were a few sprays of hips that they have left..

 the doors both end of the Alpine House were open so I took a photo straight through..

before heading into the Princess of Wales glasshouse to warm up.....
 it was lunchtime for the Chinese Water Dragon...
 the camera kept misting up, so these look a little blurry, but I was fascinated
 and so was this little lad who sat down to watch

 grasses along the Broad Walk against the sky

still frosty gone mid-day

final seedheads along the Broad Walk..

time to head home

only to find my phone would no longer switch on, that my watch hadn't been handed in at the station (wasn't really expecting it to have been)

took the phone into the phone shop to get it looked at  - they think it needs to go for repair (it's under warranty) but that means losing all the photos I have saved on there, because  of course I haven't backed them up!

so ends a lovely (photo-wise) but VERY frustrating Saturday!! 


Lin said...

Absolutely gorgeous piccies as always Helen... Love the frost on the leaves and the dogwood looked lovely

Angela Curror said...

So sorry about the problems but in spite of all the frustrations you have all of these lovely photos catching the atmosphere of Kew at this beautiful time of year.

craftimamma said...

What fabulous frosty photos Helen. Too many gorgeous ones to pick a favourite but the leaves look beautiful. I like the frost on the purple baubles and the one with the selfie reflection. I would love to have seen the Chinese water dragon too. The zig zaggy edged plane trail looks like someone pulled a piece of lace across the sky. The frosty fern like plant near the beginning is one of my favourites too.

Altogether a wonderful set of photos but I'm sorry your day had to be so traumatic to get them.

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

First, sorry to read about your watch. I hope it wasn't terribly valuable or had sentimental value.

I loved the photo of the ferns with the frost on them. I also was fond of the plane trails and moon shots.

I couldn't believe the lake was frozen like that. It must be really, really, really cold there for it to freeze so quickly.

I loved the photo of the Alpine house and even more so from that angle. I like how some of the plants are embedded in the rocks and I loved seeing the inside glass, too.

As much as I enjoyed the beauty of the awesome Kew photos for Saturday, I feel sorry for your loss of both a watch and photos on your phone. At least the phone was still under warranty. Hope your Sunday is far better.

Elizabeth said...

Such a shame about your watch - it may turn up yet I suppose. And your phone - those photos - hopefully you've posted the best on this blog. I love all your frosty photos - Kew is such a wonderful place to visit. The dogwoods, liquidamber and seedheads are all wonderful. And how timely to be there when the Chinese Water Dragon at lunch. No need for a Christmas tree at home when you can enjoy the decorated tree in the gardens. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos. Elizabeth xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Helen! What a day of mixed fortunes! Yes, the photos are fabulous but so sorry to read about not only your phone dying but also losing your watch! Hugs, Chrisx

Kirsten said...

Such a pity about your watch and phone, thank goodness Kew was looking so beautiful for you.