Saturday, November 25, 2017

It's such a perfect day..... to visit Kew

Cold, a light frost (although that went quite quickly) and the promise of sunshine.... PERFECT

 my trains were both late so I didn't arrive until about 10.15 and the gates were already open (can't remember the last time that happened!)
so a different first shot this week.

low winter sunshine, which was to cause problems with sunspots all day (forgot about the lens hood)
 but just look at the blue sky! 
 close up through leaves along the Broad Walk,into the sunshine - a taste of things to come
 some frost on leaves in the shade
 sunny grass...
and on the other side of the Walk... wow, look at it shine!

 close up of the "Christmas trees" along the Broad Walk - they're some kind of plastic Elizabeth.
and this was actually on my way out, but putting them together...

 a large clump of still bright purple flowers next to one of the benches

where they have hung bunches of mistletoe too

what frost was left, was melting fast on the sunshine, here on the euphorbia
 my favourite spot.  the Dogwood are so bright now

told you I had trouble with sunspots

 bending down to get shots through the leaves onto the water

 not stopping to go into the cafe I headed past the Victoria entrance and the beautiful big trees...

 the grass was still quite wet but what the heck...
 my cousin regularly visits Coombe Wood near her and this week shared a gorgeous Liquid Amber tree... I raise you a Liquid Amber of my own!!

 where I spent some time gazing up through the leaves

so gorgeous...

 like my cousin, I love to capture light shining though things!

 oops, here we are again!  shadows on the floor this time..
 and on the wall
and on the grass outside!

 most of the scaffolding is down now, but the hoardings are still up all round whilst they continue the restoration... Cannot wait!

 fabulous blue sky behind these berries

 massive holly tree in front of this other beautiful tree
 not been up for a while, always love it on a clear day

and you get a good view of the work on the Temperate House too.

 looking down on the trees from the top of the Walkway

 from the Walkway it isn't far to the Lake past a tree covered in baubles

great reflections today!

 someone else was capturing the view - on canvas!   He'd only just started so I can't tell you if it was any good
 another Christmas tree!
love this twisty trunk

 the heron sunning himself - not seen it here before, only at the top end of the lake
 glimpses of colour in the water

 this swan looked so bright white in the sunshine.  having a good old preen!

 walking back from the Lake to the Palm House, approaching from the back (and the Rose Garden)

 cut through the Palm House to the front, and the pond again

 took a quick right turn half way along the Broad Walk to the Hive...

 and the low sun shining through the trees around the Hive

and I was headed home...

a quick visit today, just a couple of hours...
but it was fabulous, I am sure you will agree!


Miriam said...

It looks like a beautiful winter's day. I love the frost on the leaves. The reds and oranges of the trees are fabulous. You've also captured the reflections on the water perfectly! Beautiful!

craftimamma said...

Such beautiful crisp colours in the bright sunshine Helen. It was a perfect day for gorgeous reflections too and so many different shades of gold looking stunning against the pristine blue sky. Another round of fabulous pics. Thanks Helen!

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wonderful shots and thanks for showing these flowers at the Broad. Plastic? Yes, I guess that makes perfect sense.

I loved the shot through the leaves onto the lake. And your fountain was quite different today since it looks like it was spraying mist in addition to water.

I don't think I've ever seen a liquid amber tree before. It's gorgeous. But I think my favorite shot of the day was from the treetop walkway looking down on the Temperate House. I was SUPER impressed with that shot.

At first, I thought the heron was a statue. It was poised beautifully. All of your photos were fabulous, and I had fun seeing areas I'd not seen in a long time.

Angela Radford said...

Gorgeous photos Helen, what a great day. Loving the Christmas baubles. Our little park has a skating rink this weekend and the children are having a great time. Sending hugs, Angela xXx