Saturday, December 23, 2017

A quick Christmas Eve - Eve trip to Kew

Before the fun and food of Christmas descend on us all, I decided to pre-walk off the calories (that does work, right?!)

The day dawned very dull and grey and a little bit damp.  I was not a little nervous after the fiasco of losing my watch and my phone dying on me last time, but carried on regardless!  It wasn't as long a visit as usual, due to the weather and also the need for a few last minute bits of shopping that I needed on the way home...

 the colour of the sky didn't improve all morning - it didn't help that my friends were messaging me about blue skies!! 
 but the dogwoods always look fabulous! 

 looking back across the grass towards the Broad Walk, lined by the Christmas trees

 Loved the texture of the bark on this tree
 and the funghi on the edge of the path

 the waterlily pond in the Princess of Wales glasshouse was very clear today, you could easily see the huge fish - this stayed still for several minutes before swimming off round and round.

fabulous huge trees, love them in winter so you can see the bare branches.

 It may be the end of the calendar year, but a new year of life is bursting forth already!

 lots of LED lights on in the hive, suggesting the real hive that is linked to it, is full of bees.
 huge paper-like flowers on the Christmas trail - would have loved to have seen these lit up
the grass towards the lake was very squidgy and muddy (as my boots now testify) 
 I walked round the lake...
 where geese and a squirrel were eating  - or in the squirrel's case, foraging for the winter I imagine.
 very very grey, as I say, but still some reflections

 took a trip into the gallery to see the Life in Death exhibit (needed a new photo on my phone to replace the lost phone wallpaper!!)

 round the other side of the Palm House pond, I stood on the raised platform they've built for the laser display as part of Christmas at Kew - which is good, as it extends over the boggy edge of the pond-side and you get closer to the fountain.

 went briefly into the Palm House
 couldn't see a sign for this plant
outside, I had noticed two girls drawing ... tried to get a closer look...
 they appeared to be very good, but I was too shy to go closer! 
 dew drops on the plants still... but I was heading home

 not before another quick trip to the Hive

and past some textural grasses along the Broad Walk
to the exit past a large group of geese (more than the two in the photo!!)

I was imagining this to be my last visit to Kew for 2017, but I have just realised that next weekend is still December, so I will probably get another one in; after all! 


craftimamma said...

Shame it was so dull for you Helen (not to mention the muddy boots you now have to clean) but you still got some lovely shots and it is nice to see Kew in its different moods. The early blossom you found is so pretty and a lovely indication that it won't always be dull and damp. The Life in Death exhibit still looks pretty amazing doesn't it.

I think my favourite photo today is the one over the bridge with the beautiful coloured tree on the left side. It's a pity they left those barrier things there though. How thoughtless of them, lol!

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've always thought gray days were best for photographing your art. I bet some of those would turn out great in black and white, too.

I see they never planted anything in the planters in front of the Palm House. Looks like it will be next year before they do that again. However, I was surprised that there were flowers blooming in the areas in front of the Palm House.

Two favorite photos for me were the one at the lake with the cardinal perched on a branch and the one of the squirrel and the geese. Thanks for taking us with you today. Happy Christmas, too, dear Helen.