Saturday, January 13, 2018

Another year - another trip to Kew

And so 2018's trips to Kew begin.   (couldn't go last week, because there were no trains running from Sutton and I didn't fancy the replacement bus service)

The day started dull, chilly and with a light wind.  But it's been worse, and the sun did come out... Settle back and enjoy!!

 didn't think there was a lot of difference to the last time, but I am sure the plants are filling out!
 so it was still very dull at 10 am (normal opening times until end of May when the member special times start again)

but some good reflections ... and yes, the urns are still empty, Elizabeth!
 the dogwood looks bright in any weather!

 lone leaf on a stem

and still a little sparkle on my fountain

 new bark chippings laid as a mulch layer on the footpath through the woody area..
 different little funghi today...
little round brown ones..
 pinky mauve ones, never seen anything like these before!
 these I have seen!
snowdrops in the Rock Garden
 miniature narcissus in the Alpine House
 bare branches against a grey sky
Love that this is nearly black and white
a hint of sun through the Alpine House..

 more trees..

 Love all the different shapes they make!
 inside the Princess of Wales glasshouse now, they are starting the hard landscaping for this years Thailand-themed Orchid Festival (10 February to 11 March)
 to start with I couldn't see any of the huge fish in the pond, but they were there! 
from a different viewpoint

 I am sure next time I see this (or maybe the time after that) it will be covered in orchids!
 loved the shape/layers of this rock in the cool orchid section
 were there were already some blooms
 this pretty little white one with a pink throat caught my eye
 as did this (slipper orchid I think)

 and to think I never used to like orchids... I think it's the more natural setting I like for them, rather than in a pot indoors!

back in the dry desert/cactus section, a series of colourful umbrellas/parasols... they look fab!

outside, we have some sun at last!

just a little...

 an elderly man I'd noticed at the gate pointed out this cormorant whilst I was catching the fountain...

 love to frame the Palm House with this tree... forgive me if you've seen it before!!

a large patch of cyclamen under a tree as I went for my coffee and Danish pastry (apricot, yum yum)

 after my refreshments, I noticed the hellebores in the bed outside the cafe were coming out so I headed off to where there are lots more...
 my cousin and I last time had been looking at all the trees with these round bud things on.. there were loads more today.
 not sure they are buds exactly...

the trouble with hellebores is they grow so close to the ground and like to dip their faces.... so it's tricky!

from the bed where these are, it is nowt but a hop and a skip to the area where there are loads of Witch Hazel

and I noticed lots of different colours

even reddish ones.

None of them seemed to have much scent yet, normally it's very pronounced.

 love the texture on this branch

Obviously I was heading for the Life in Death gallery again!
 lots of people in it this time but managed to avoid most of them
 close ups trigger the flash but you get a totally different look

I'll really miss them when this ends in mid-March.

 coo,  enough sun for shadows!
 love this big fir tree dripping branches!
 didn't stop to go up today, was headed for the lake whilst there was sun!
 Knew there'd be reflections...
 there is nothing I don't like about this and the next one, the wavy reflections, (ducks swimming and disturbing the water) , the colour...

lots of ducks geese and swans, (someone was feeding them)

 the Henry Moore was gleaming brightly today
 love the huge branches on this tree
 walking back towards the Palm House, through the Rose Garden....
 Managed a close up of the door, no-one in the way...

the shapes of the panes of glass called me today!

 through the other side (round the outside actually!) there were loads of gulls on the edge of the pond
 taking off!
more hellebores, down the Broad Walk (heading home now, was feeling chilly)

 shame there is a rubbish bin ruining my composition, ha ha!!

 new growth in the euphorbia
 all the grasses and seed heads have been cut back ready for this year's growth display...
 and there were shoots appearing everywhere
 liked the shapes

 now it's chopped back, you can still see the shapes the drifting will take...

and a final selfie!!  (that's my left arm not a long scarf!)


craftimamma said...

Fab first visit of the year Helen and lots to love in your gorgeous photos. My absolute favourite this time is the pretty mauve fungi. I have never seen anything like it either. Love all the stark trees against the sky which reminded me immediately on the IO stamp you and I both have. I also love the shots of the hive which I don't think i've seen you take from that angle before. The rippled reflections are also rather special. All in all a very worthwhile visit and many more things I could mention. .....the dogwodds and orchids for a start ��

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the shout out, Helen. That was the first thing I looked for. Those poor urns. I hope they don't freeze, but from the looks of the flowers in the beds in front of the Palm House, the weather there is not bitterly cold like it is here.

I was surprised to see the (YOUR) fountain was still on, and it certainly appears the water is still moving and not icing over.

What I wouldn't give to see a snowdrop in real life. I don't think they grow here. We have lots of rushes, though, at least they did where I lived before.

The Alpine house looked beautiful, and oddly deserted.

From what you have shown already, I can't wait to see the Thailand Orchid Show in Feb. Is that a potbelly pig? The umbrellas were beautifully colorful, too.

I actually liked the Life In Death photo. The person in the photo looked a bit surreal in the photo. It was quite a good composition. I also like the ripples in the lake. Great photos of that, too.

Once again, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos with us, Helen. Such a joy to tag along with you to Kew.

Angela Curror said...

Love all those gorgeous reflections (specially the wobbly ones, snowdrops and witch hazel (only yellow open at Coombe Wood) and I particularly like no 37 - tree trunks with dogwoods (?)

Lovely to have been with you a few weeks ago and recognise where most of these photos were taken.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh My Helen! These photos are amazing! Lots of lovely colour too! I really hope we can get there in April! I keep meaning to get a Dogwood for our caravan garden! So glad I was able to finally catch up here although I have only left you comments here and on the previous post!! Hugs, Chrisxx