Saturday, September 2, 2017

The colour today is predominantly - Green!

This morning was distinctly cool... but the sun was rising in the sky as I set off for the station and my regular walk at Kew....The early morning openings only last till the end of September, so need to make the most of it!   As you know, I love it when it's so quiet at 8 in the morning; and today, the light was just beautiful..   There was quite a crowd at the gates with me today.

Sit back, and enjoy!

 I started by visiting the Palm House corner but then doubled back on myself to head in the other direction, as I wanted to explore the Arboretum a bit...

Early sun in the sky, but there's a shadow over the beds.
 but in the open, the other way,  the sun is casting long shadows across the grass,
I nearly walked right through these funghi when I was cutting across under a large tree..
it was too wet (from dew) to kneel down to get a closer look, sadly.

 As I said, the light was fabulous.  It felt almost misty, although it wasn't.
 I just love all the shadows, and the greens of the trees and grass, it was all so bright!

 I've never (or not for a couple of years anyway) walked right through the Meditteranean garden area, but was drawn by the view through these two trees
 back along the path,

 From mid September for a month, there will be a special event on at Kew with about 30 visiting sculptures, scattered throughout - that will be fabulous!
For now, I am playing shadows with the Henry Moore...

 I loved the fact that it was soaking wet with dew, I drew a couple of lines through it with my finger to demonstrate... (the slightly darker areas!)
 I headed for the lake.  a man was slightly ahead of me, so I went round the left edge, while he headed right...

it was a popular choice though, there were several other photographers out too..

Shadows, reflections and swans abound!  I got carried away..
 but I was right to head this way this morning, it was just beautiful along the lake...

 the family of swans, both parents and two cygnets, sailed serenely down the lake as I walked along the bank watching the ripples they caused in the water disturb the reflections

 I got frequent glimpses of them from the banks.
 I was swapping lenses back and forwards like a nutter... or a pro...

 the curviness of the Sackler crossing reflected spectacularly in the water below..

 Dad swan (presumably) bringing up the rear,

 peered over the fence (is it still a fence when it's made of metal?!) as my eyes caught a flash of colour..
 you can see the curves more when you stand on the bridge
 but I carried on along the left bank, the reflections were stunning

 Dad stopped for a preen

 whilst the rest of the family were up ahead a ways...
 the heron was in his regular spot, motionless... watching for fish, I guess..

having reached the top of the lake, I cut across the grass (which was thick, lush and soaking wet with dew, and was seeping through my boots...)
so that I could head to the wooded area where the bluebells are...

I had an idea that I might catch some wildlife, but the rays of sun bursting thorough the trees caught my attention, and made it a magical diversion.
LOVE this shot!
(I was expecting the Tardis to land, mind you!)

I did hear some birds, but they were hidden from sight...

 I remembered - from time to time- to turn round and see what I had passed as well, as you get such a different perspective

the sun shining through branches above my head

 more shafts of sun through the branches

 walking past the Temperate House, they're still working hard to get it ready for next Spring's re-opening
 under the trees by the Treetop Walkway, which was still shut (normally they let you up before 10 but not today, apparently)

 so I walked back through the wet grass to the Palm House and breakfast ...

 blue skies and roses... still lots of roses..
 back at the Parterre... it was still just only after 9, so that was an hour's walk (I forgot to set the pedometer app on my phone, annoyingly and only realised at this point, next time I will remember to turn it on at the start!)
after breakfast, I walked round the back of the Palm House pond, love the pattern of the fountain spray falling into the pond

 i spoke to a grandmother here, who had her 2 grandchildren in the buggy with her, who I'd chatted to at the gate when we were waiting to go in, about how lovely the fountain is, she was agreeing.
I told her it is my favourite spot in Kew.

once I tore myself away, I went down the Broad Walk,

 where the light was playing in the grasses...

 walked up to the Hive, and pictured the Broad Walk from up high

once again there was someone meditating in the Hive so I left them to it (English reserve prevented me entering)

 cactus flowering outside the Princess of Wales conservatory
 I assume these are early flowering, autumn colchicum (they're not crocus I am sure)
and as they were growing in a bed along the path I could kneel right down to look at the sun shining through the petals.
 it wasn't quite 10, when the POW would be open (although I think they must have opened it early as the door was open when I went by)
so I headed round the back of the Rock Garden to the Family Beds...
 didn't see the cobwebs between the echinops till I downloaded the pictures.
 the last vibrant purple of the delphiniums, irridescence shining brightly

 into the Princess of Wales glasshouse - was looking to see if Eli, the Manager, was on duty - she was featured in yesterday's Gardener's World tv programmer about how they polinate the water lilies at Kew.
No sign of her today.

 back outside, walked across to the Waterlily house
 where it was too hot for my lens to un-steam satisfactorily (and I was too impatient to wait for it to do so)

 another flush of the bitter melon in flower..
 the outside of the Waterlily House
 finished the walk down the Broad Walk,

 love the little pop of burgundy amongst these

before turning round and heading home...

a stunning morning, I hope you'll agree!


Chris Cresswell said...

Wonderful, vivid, beautifully caught photos again Helen. So much to love. The sun rays through the trees is glorious! Catching the cobwebs - such intricate detail. I love all the reflections in the water too. You are such a talented photographer. Really enjoyed this 'Green' visit!

sam21ski said...

Gosh it is very green, where did all that lush colour go???

Lin said...

Great piccies as always Helen... Loving all the green and the splashes of course near the end xx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Wow Helen what a beautiful collection of images; i almost feel I was there. I particularly liked the swans as they are one of my favourite birds xx

Miriam said...

Stunning photos would never believe it was September

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I saw the beautiful first photo and couldn't believe it was all green from then on. But it really WAS mostly green, wasn't it?

The Meadow Garden is lovely, and what can I say, GREEN.

I really like the Henry Moore statue, but am truly looking forward to seeing the traveling 30 when they arrive.

The photo of the two parent swans and the cynet in the ripples reminded me of a painting, rather than a photograph.

I really, really liked the photo of the curved bridge and its reflection. It was fabulous and you captured it well.

Everything looked so beautiful in the morning dew. It was a really green day.

I can't see much change in the Temperate House, but possibly you do. Looks like they've unwrapped a bit more of it, though.

Had to laugh about the Tardis. That was a fabulous shot, too.

Oh wow those roses are fabulous. The English know how to grow stunning roses, that's for sure. Obviously, I don't seem to have that gene, or maybe my rose bush is dying!

How thoughtful of you to leave the person meditating in the Hive. I wonder if all in your country are as considerate.

Personally, I liked the pictures outside the Waterlily House as much as the ones from inside. It may be the first time I've seen that view (or that I remember, anyway). Ending with your favorite color purple had me smiling, too. Thanks for sharing these awesome photos today.

Julia Dunnit said...

Where to start! wondrful visit, love the light, really is, by the blink of an eye, starting to look like autumnal early morning. The golden green yellow of the maple in the arboretum is stunning. The Echinops phot is quite quite lovely. I don't like the melon flower very much, but I love the big lily plate pads. I love the view of the broadway, the planting in the parterre is looking too autumnal for my taste! Wonderful visit, thanks.

Kirsten said...

Beautiful photos!!