Saturday, September 9, 2017

It's Saturday....

so it's Kew.  The start of a week off work, but an early rising to head to Kew again
Unusually, I got the camera out as I walked across Kew Bridge from the station, the river was looking great and the sun that hadn't long risen, was creating great cloud patterns on the other side of the road to me.

 but once I got in, my normal first shot - a lovely blue sky, it wasn't particularly cold, despite what the forecast had said for a chilly start.

I walked round the pond first this time

 crouching down
 the geese were enjoying standing in the sun on the edge of the pond wall.

 as I took this shot, I caught sight of the moon still in the sky so headed further round the pond to capture it over the Palm House...

 (at about 1 o'clock in the photo)

 I never tire of the view of the fountain between the leaves from this tree
 heading down the Broad Walk, heavy due on the flowers again this morning

 the giant heads of the fading Cardoon (artichoke thistle)  towering above me

 the coneflowers have really gone over in the last week
but I still love them!

 headed round to the Hive next
 walked up the path, the wildflowers are still growing on the left hand side (as you head up) but have been cut back on the other.

more dewdrops

as I reached the top, a flock of geese flew overhead

 I should have taken my sunglasses!
 headed over to the Princess of Wales glasshouse..

 I took a much better shot of this view on my phone, but can't get it onto the blog!
 I know you shouldn't shoot into the sun, but I love the effect it gives.

was interesting to see how they've opened the "sails" - the blinds inside the Alpine house to shade the plants

 loved the way the light shone through these, but this doesn't really do it justice

 as I took this of the sun glistening on the stems, I saw the dewdrops..
so spent ages trying to get a decent close up!

 the light was gorgeous again today, sunlight streaking through the trees
 the moon still visible but had obviously moved round in the sky, this was the last I saw of it.
 after a coffee and Danish pastry (apricot, yummy!)  I noticed what I thought were crocus shoots coming up around this tree... this is the one were I'd nearly stumbled on the funghi last week...

on closer inspection, not crocus shoots, but hundreds more toadstools!


Amazingly (I passed a couple more times later on) no-one else seemed to have noticed them as they were just walking past

 heading for the lake again, decided to walk the other side this week..

 first, more vibrant greens!

.but I decided the reflections were better on the other side (obviously, as the sun would be behind me on that side of the lake) so at the crossing, I crossed over...

 I could see the swans still walking about on the other bank

but as I caught up with them they entered the water for a swim!

 I was walking faster than they swam, this week..
 went through the Woodland walk again,
no shafts of sunlight heralding Dr Who this week.

but great views though

 fruit on a Mallas tree (or bush)

Walked round  the end of the Temperate House, new windows finished this end

 vines turning glorious at the Pavilion restaurant

 I am always fascinated by these blue and purple berries

 A few years ago on a sunny (October, I think) day I captured a fabulous shot of these trees reflecting in the gallery windows

and have been keen to try again ever since..

the trees aren't orange enough yet, but it's not bad!

 as you can see though, signs of autumn are approaching fast

 blue skies still abound at the Palm House

 love the light shining through the cannas
 inside the Palm House as it was open now.
 rose garden
 down the Broad Walk - time to head home for the football (a mistake, we were thrashed, should have stayed out!)

 gorgeous yellow of the Rudbeckia

but i decided first to nip across to the Princess of Wales glasshouse for a look inside...

 couldn't seem the name of this

 a few orchids still in flower in the orchid section
 outside, clouds gathering behind the alpine house

 but the grasses were glowing!

 gorgeous autumn colour in the Dukes garden
 now it was time to head home...

and my step count!  not bad going!


Julie Ann Lee said...

What a glorious collection of photographs, Helen. It's interesting to me how easily people pass Fungi by. In recent years my son has become really fascinated by different varieties of fungi and a walk with him usually results in us finding the most amazing specimens growing on and around trees and on fallen trunks that people simply pass by. I love those blue and purple berries too - such incredible colour. xx

Sally H said...

Stunning photos, Helen! It looks like a perfect morning. Those berries remind me of M&Ms, lol. Michaelmas daisies are only just coming out here. I love coneflowers too!

craftimamma said...

Those berries seem to fascinate us all Helen. The striking differences in the colours make them appear to be manmade, lol! You were right about the special light at this time of year. Everything seems to sparkle and have a special clarity somehow. Stunning photos throughout and you certainly got your exercise for the day.

Thanks as always for the tour and wearing your shoe leather out for us.

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You were right, I missed this post. I really enjoyed seeing the river.

In your normally first shot, I somehow failed to notice in the past those whitish plants that outline most of the beds. I also don't remember seeing the urns on the right before, either. It's amazing how you see so much each time you visit a place, isn't it?

After viewing all the photos, I realized those urns were all the way around the lake where YOUR fountain resides. Again, something I hadn't noticed before. However, I DID notice all the purple flowers you caught on camera.

My coneflowers have all gone to seed, and are now all gone, too.

I loved the skyview of the Alpine house and the views of the Hive, which finally put the whole unit in perspective. Of course, I simply adored the overall views of the Alpine House. I am glad you showed the outside, so I could see the sails from that angle, too. And is that a new statue in the grassy area outside the Alpine House? Not sure I've seen it before.

I got a laugh out of you chasing the swans, only to have them head to the water and swim away. That is something that would probably happen to me, too.

I am also in awe of those berries that look like candy. I'm also still amazed at how much the landscape looks like autumn in places.

You certainly walked a long distance at Kew this last time. Thanks for taking us, because I saw some new to me areas that made it so enjoyable.

Kirsten said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the colours of the berries and the vine leaves. Enjoy the rest of your week off.