Friday, September 15, 2017

Day 5 - Sculpt at Kew

It's ok, you haven't missed a day, there was no day 4...I had shopping (hate, hate) to do...
But I can't go to Kew tomorrow as I'll be at Crafting at Ally Pally (spending...) so decided to go today - and got a sneak peak at the Sculpt at Kew exhibition that opens on Monday - obviously these things take time to install., so there were plenty - most probably - ready (though not all had their labels up)

I arrived at 8, as they opened the gates (only till the end of the month, that summer early opening has shot by) and went in.
 I should have grabbed my sunglasses!
Obviously not much change since Saturday to this shot!
but look the other way, what a sight!

 am breaking the "rules" again, shooting into the sun... didn't notice the ripples caused by a goose, at the time
I won't share all of the sculptures today as I'll hopefully be back next weekend, when the names and sculpters details will be available..and besides, I took LOTS of photos

but I did like this one, and it was interesting to walk by it again later when the position of the sun had moved so the shadow was shorter and stretching in a different direction

 I make no apologies for a fountain photo!
 some of them are roped off, I have no idea if this is whilst they prepare them or will be left like that for the month of the exhibition.  We'll find out next visit!

 it was quite a cold night last night and the grass although not frosty, was heavy with dew
(once I started walking across the grass my feet got wet through my boots, need to re-waterproof them!)
 I like these two heads
 and took several from different angles, but I liked the lips!
despite it being so early, the workmen were hard at it installing more .... (there are going to be 30 altogether)

 shadows of marble and me!
 wandering down the Broad Walk - always have to stop the see the water droplets on the alchemilla mollis

I thought when I saw these first, they were meant to be spears (due to the metal posts I suppose) but I think maybe they're feathers...
again, we'll find out when the sign goes up!

 was walking across the grass to get a closer look at this one, when I saw something in the smallest ring...
 so cute!!
 there are several faces... cleverly positioned so the foliage looks like hair (or maybe that's just the angle of my photo!)

this was another I really liked
 there is a huge variety of styles, subjects and materials - loved these glass flowers
 growing out of this base
this one with white glass.. love the cloudy sky background (I spent ages walking round it getting the right shot)
and also has purple (I suspect they may be by the same artist as the other one)

 at the start of the Broad Walk are two enormous and fabulous horses heads...

 wandered down another path,  I could see more in the distance....
 a series of animals... these are racing cheetahs (or similar)

I walked past this one just having been unloaded from the lorry... looks interesting..
 I'd seen this one used in the publicity, love how it's growing out of the holly hedge!

and also love how the face has ivy leaves cut into the "flesh" - the holly and the ivy (Nooo, don't think about Christmas, it's too early!)

 after breakfast I went off to the left (as you come through the main gate - it was now past 10 so the public were coming in)

 the trees have definitely developed more autumn colour since Saturday!

 and I am much more pleased with this than the one on Saturday - mainly due to the sun being out
 blue atlas tree against the blue sky

yep, autumn is definitely on the way!

 walking back through the Rose Garden, the heads are now in place..

 great shot of the fountain with blurred dahlias forming a colourful foreground

 another fabulous one

Liked this inverted duck!

 this one did have it's plate up, it is called
Big Turning Cheetah, by Jan Sweeney
 Barn Owl by Simon Gudgeon -the circle represents the moon, as they are nocturnal birds
 this reminded me of a flower vase, it is at the start of the rock garden.
 Equilleus by Guy Portelli
he's done a good job, as the shape did remind me of a horse as I approached.

 Bear, by Sladmore Gallery (Kendra Haste)

As I approached this one, I was reminded of the wild beasts made in a similar style at the Tower of London....

and as you can see in the photo on the board, there is a picture of Kendra at the Tower, so I was right!

next up,

 Druids by Charlie Mallon of the Mallon Foundry.

I went past the druids into the Princess of Wales glasshouse..

 haven't seen the Water Dragon for ages... as I watched, he scampered off, I was surprised how fast he moved!
 then a trip to the Hive, and some cloud watching through the hole (I was lying on the glass platform, a little girl (maybe 3) was urging her granddad to lie down, he said he couldn't so I said I could and did.. she thought that was funny.

 this one is nestling in amongst the borders of the Broad Walk
where I got another glimpse of the magnificent horses

on my way out of the Elizabeth Gate, this is possibly my favourite of all...

 He has captured so much movement

 I know I will be looking at this one again when I go next time.

so that is my week off - another 11k walked, and given that on Monday I forgot to measure it, but it must have been about the same, that's quite a few miles walked this week!

I can't believe given the forecast for the week, that I only got wet once!

I headed home.  Glad that I didn't need the underground given the latest despicable terror attack that happened this morning not long after I got to Kew and that I had been listening to the news of on my radio whilst walking round (or that it had happened earlier in the week).  Glad also that no-one was killed - if it had detonated fully, it would have been so much worse.

Hope you've enjoyed this latest virtual walk, and that some of the sculptures appeal to you - as I said, there are 30 altogether and I'll share some more (and possibly some of these again) next time.
If you are in the area, they are there till mid October.


sam21ski said...

Oooh can't wait for your post next week, those sculptures are really rather interesting. Love the couple in sort of brass sat on the bowed piece of wood. Glad the weather was good for you, it was raining here this morning. Hope you have a good shop tomorrow and there is something worth going for, the shows seem to have been dire this year up to now!!

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Helen, some fantastic photos. The sculptures are amazing, love the Druids, and the face in the holly hedge in particular. Hugs, Shaz X

Angela Curror said...

Fabulous! Looking forward to more!

Kirsten said...

Those scuptures are stunning, so many that I'd love to see in person. Will definitely be looking forward to your post next weekend. Have a great time at AP.

jojo79 said...

Fantastic post Helen. Those sculptures are fantastic, tempted to make a visit. See you at AP


craftimamma said...

Wonderful post Helen. Those sculptures are fabulous. Near the beginning there's one which I forgot to enlarge but I think it looks like a bird. It's so elegant and my other absolute favourite is the glass flower sculpture. Can't wait for a better look next week.

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

First, what happened to the beautiful floral arrangements in the pots around the lake? Seems just after I notice these beauties in your shots, they remove the plants!

Second, I simply adored the second and third shots, because they help me get a better overall sense of the area around the lake that you visit. Those overall shots are helpful to a person who has never been there, and I thank you for that.

Third, the statues are incredible. I can see they have chosen well. I couldn't possibly pick one I liked better, although I did have a couple of favorites.

Thanks for once again taking us to Kew. You have certainly made the most of your holiday this year. And you walked a LOT, too!

Virginia said...

Wow they are all utterly stunning. How fantastic to be able to see these on your doorstep as it were!