Saturday, September 23, 2017

A speedy trip to Kew

I had to be home by 12 today, for an appointment.  So, a very speedy march round some more of the sculptures taking in the changing colours too.
 as you can see, it was very dull at 8am (only one more chance to visit early after today, as the last day is 30th, next Saturday) At least from October onwards, I won't have to get up before 6 on my Saturdays!!

 so, all the sculptures now have their signs up, so I've included them for a bit of information on each one

I tried hard to get some interest in the background if I wasn't going to be able to isolate the sculpture entirely

One of the best things about autumn is despite it being a dull day, you still get great reflections in the pond

There are a few sculptures I don't like as much, so am saving those for another day... in case there are any days I don't have many photos to include!!

 I make no apologies for including this again as I liked it so much.

 took a speed walk through the rock garden

trying to include as much colour as possible

 this is another I really liked, so have included it again with the display details for you
 and another favourite

 I can see why she called them dancing stones, you can almost see this one moving!

I loved these last week, they actually had their signs up but I left them out, but today I too one of them all in their setting before zooming in (you can't approach these any closer than where I'm stood to take this photo)


last (or first) one in this group

 walked past the Druids again,
 this wasn't in place last week, I really liked this

she was hard to capture though, with the light

I may try again next time

the texture on the body of the girl was amazing, (best on her bum, but I was being delicate with my focus point!)

 including this one again with it's display details
love the white marble

 and of this one

 the sandy pinky orange colour of the marble seems very suited for faces

the Palm House peeking between their lips gives you a reference point of where you are too.


 this was the one I saw being taken off a lorry last time out,
 the dull day didn't enhance the photos at all!  nor does the jumbo jet flying into Heathrow behind the girl on the left.

 but I love the freedom of this piece.  Will be heading for it again next time.

 you can certainly get the feel of the pull of the mud under the horses hooves...

 this post is getting very long, so I'll just tell you this piece is called Ballet Dancer II  by the same artist

 it was drizzling at this stage, but not enough to put me off or make me seek shelter, just enjoy the colours

and the sculptures in the distance, tantalisingly beckoning me closer

 one of the cheetahs from last time

this was another one hard to photograph today, for that reason I didn't go and find the other glass ones I saw last week - next time!

I imagine they are by the same artist as the style is very similar

 the photo didn't capture it too well but there was sun sparkling on the fountain/water!

 I imagine they will be emptying this bed soon for the next season's planting (which is why the pots along the wall of the pond are already empty, Elizabeth)

 didn't have time to stop for breakfast today, so went off to the arboretum in search of more colour

this tree always gives good value for money!
 against the white of the building
it was only about 9.30 I think now, but there were lots of members coming in and enjoying the trees

 shrub full of hips

the horse chestnut trees are bursting with conkers

just so many shades to look at...

it wasn't until I got up close to this tree that I saw the berries...
 having seen the reflections in the pond at the Palm House I decided to walk past the lake to check out there...
 past the  permanent Henry Moore, looking good in autumnal surroundings

 I was right to do so...

 more berries against beautiful leaves

didn't take time to go up here...

on my way past I saw some huge clumps of funghi.... had to go and investigate..

 there were 3 huge clumps...

 one of them is dying off fast!

It was still fascinating though

great rings, fab texture!

 the trees near the Walkway are underplanted with bulbs, looking fab

 small apples (crab apples or are they too big for crab apples?)  didn't have time to look for a tree label!

 the fence and seating area round the Pavilion restaurant is spectacular at this time of year

 more bulbs, autumn crocus
 pretty outside one of the galleries

the colour on this tree has developed loads in the last week

 under the huge tree by the Victoria entrance
another huge mushroom find

 gates are open now, so only half half an hour before I needed to leave!  decided to head down the Broad Walk to see what colour is left down there
 like the contrast of the marble heads, the original stone "beasts" outside the Palm House and the soft planting.
 at the Palm House end of the Broad Walk, not a lot of colour left, apart from these beauties

 the fluff that is left from the artichoke thistle looked fantastic

 so many different stages of flowering (or finished flowering) on one plant

and even the group of coneflowers look great in decay!

 as I walked down the Broad Walk I saw more sculptures that weren't in place last week
(there were still installing them don't forget)

this one  is FANTASTIC!

 just look at the texture the sculptor has got

 Loved this one, too,  every angle you look at it, it is different, you see something else and get another great view..

 and this was the best view yet!
 more colour left down at this end of the Broad Walk
 and I love the horses as much this week.
forgot to stop to find out who created them, will do that next time

 pop up shop .. did nip inside...

won't be buying anything though (price, not desire!)
 on the corner opposite the shop, another couple caught my eye...

 and this one is for you, Jan!

Dashing back to my exit now,
these are for sale (as so many are)

the one on the left is a cool £3,600

now you see why I won't be indulging in any!!

 so a final gallop back up the Broad Walk

and a dash to the station for my train home.

Good job I left when I did as I got home 5 minutes before the meter man came (long story!)

I would have loved to have lingered at Kew today, but never mind, there is always another week!!


craftimamma said...

Wow, I think this is one of my favourite posts Helen. Love the scultures. I think my favourites are the 3 little figures draped on pedestals and the last one in the wishbone shape. Some stunning colours in the other pics. Thanks for dashing round for us.

Lesley Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

For not having a whole lot of time, you certainly packed this post full of sculpture and beauty. I was drawn to the rock garden, and would LOVE to have one in my front yard. If only!

I have to admit, there were a LOT of these statues I didn't care for. Again, art is in the eye of the beholder, and I know you were drawn to the sculptures that had lots of texture, where for me that was a turn off. I enjoyed the copper tree and the allium. I could see either of them in my garden. Of course, if I could afford either of them, . . .

Thanks for letting me know why the pots are empty. Now that I've seen them, I see them everywhere around the lake!

I actually enjoyed the marble and granite heads as well as the three heads at the end with the "reasonable" (laugh) price tag.

I will admit that autumn has truly arrived at Kew. The trees, the leaves, the fading plants all point to it. Thanks for sharing these beauties (and a few non-beauties) with us. I appreciate it more than you know.

Sally H said...

Wow! You took in lots of sights on your quick tour! I love Autumn and the colours, berries and seed heads are so wonderful. I like lots of the sculptures, but I think the crane has to be my favourite. There are a lot more that I reall like there than there were at Chatsworth last year. Thanks for another very interesting tour of Kew x

Stacy Sheldon said...

Oh my gosh, the sites to see are just mind blowing Helen, thanks for sharing :)

Elaine said...

I lurk around your blog and don't comment much but I have to say I love your photos of Kew. All those sculptures look fantastic against the natural backgrounds. I bet it'll be even better next week - you can't beat autumn colour. Thanks for the tour!! Elaine xx

Kirsten said...

You've outdone yourself yet again, Helen, these photos are outstanding. As are the scuptures; what an incredible collection. Have a great time on Saturday.