Thursday, July 9, 2015

Men's Quarter Finals Day - Wimbledon 2015

Huge thanks (for the second year running) to my lovely boss Monica for another wonderful day at Wimbledon yesterday.

We had tickets for Court One and two of the quarter finals; plus food and drink(lots of) at the Gatsby Club, one of the rather smart establishments (and the one that Clare Balding was filming her tv highlights show from during the first week).  So, sit back and enjoy..
 L-R  Rob, Kirsty, Monica, Des.   Darren soon joined us..
the rather lunch menu.   I had the scallops, the beef and the chocolate (oh my word!!) just you wait..
Menu designed by Albert Roux (who later came round to talk to us, making sure we were enjoying the food)
Vodka  cocktails at 11 am.. oh well, if we must!
(forgot to photograph that menu!)
We had time between the starter (which I forgot to photograph!) and the main course,  to have a look round the Gatsby Club..
 the seafood bar (doubled up later on for dessert bar)

you can sit and watch tennis here all day if you want, in rather enjoyable surroundings
 so we had a bit of a photo shoot!
Monica...  without shades..
 or with?
 Rob, me, Monica, Darren (just a small G&T!)
 you'll notice I'm not drinking

 the ladies in the beautiful Ted Baker dresses (cue in joke) were the table attendees..
 back up to our mezzanine floor for ... oh, more cocktails..
 then it was time for lunch... Darren ended up with two main courses as they forgot to cancel his seafood platter when he swapped to the beef..
this was my main course..the most succulent beef I've ever had (and I know it won't appeal to Sam!!)
Cheers... Kirsty and Des
 this was my dessert... absolutely gorgeous - rich, but not sweet, and to absolutely die for!
 one of the other options, the lemon posset, which was apparently also gorgeous

So, only a few minutes after 1pm we headed for the entrance to the Wimbledon grounds themselves (the Gatsby Club is situated just over the road, in a large car park full of chauffeurs waiting for their patrons at the end of the day...
 bag searches in progress..
 Darren posing outside Centre Court..
don't like the look of those clouds...
waiting for the change of ends, to take our seats... as we got in, Roger Federer was 3 games up but....

 no sooner had we sat down, than we had the first of the 2 rain delays of the day...
a smart operation though by the ground staff
 luckily it didn't take too long before the sun came out...
Mrs Fdererer (4th from the right) not looking too interested in the game..  Kirsty and I checked, and the first time she looked up and clapped, was one point from the end of the match!)
 Gilles Simon, serving

 crowd watching is great fun!

 oh-oh.... here comes the rain again!
 back in play...

 she's a bit more interested here..

 Match won!!

 hail Roger!
 off they go, and so do we, it's time for afternoon tea!!

 back to the Gatsby...
where the afternoon Gin Cocktail menu had arrived.. and tea would soon be served...
 no, I didn't!!

but it wouldn't be Wimbledon without ..... strawberries and cream!
 then tea came... Des checking out the sandwiches
 see, I'm drinking tea!!
 yummy cakes...
 I want that one... and that one..

more G&T....
 back outside to let the tea go down...

but we're missing the second quarter final, so Darren and I left the others to it, and headed back..

match already under way... Stan Wawrinka against Richard Gasquet

 at least the sun's out...

 shadows lengthening on court no 1!

 it was a great match, and we were all thrilled to see it go into a final 5th set..

 ooh, who'll crack first??  didn't want it to end, with every game that passed, we cheered first Stan, then Richard..
 match point...

 YAY!!!  Gasquet's won...the crowd leap to their feet..

 wow! the cheering went on and on..

11-9 in the final set.. 3 hours 28 fun filled action packed minutes.
play over for the day, the crowds pile out
 past score boards...
 centre court...

and past the queue for taxis, walked up the hill back to Wimbledon Village...
and then, as if we hadn't had enough to eat and drink all day, already, we went for a curry... where I borrowed Monica's hat - she says there are never enough photos of me..

I'm not at all sorry this is such a photo heavy post, hope you've enjoyed seeing them (there were over 200 altogether, so you've got off lightly) as much as I did taking them..

a MILLION thanks, most especially to Monica,but also Kirsty, Darren, Rob and Des for a great day out.


Hazel Agnew said...

Great photos and a fabulous commentary Helen! Tut, tut, Mrs Federer...probably counting her money! Thanks for that Helen, I Really enjoyed it! Xx

sam21ski said...

One question? Why weren't you drinking? And you were quite right, that beef looked like it was gonna walk off your plate!!!

Fantastic action shot photos xx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Fantastic pictures and how wonderful to have a day in .Wimbledon. I adore Wimbledon and will hopefully go one year . Tracy x

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Wonderful photos of an obviously even more wonderful day. So pleased you had such a great time.

Lin said...

oh Helen what a great post...your shots of the players are all look like you had a fab day! And I second what Sam said...did that meat moo at you lol..yuk!! xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Monica's right..and I love the photo of you in her hat. Am almost tasting those gin and tonics, oh be still my heart. The agates by and hospitality looked absolutely wonderful. Love the shots of the lengthening court shadows, clever. I think Mrs Federer is probably loyal but bored to death and of course, he probably really ants, even needs her there.....I know I'd be playing Tetris on my phone if I were her!!

craftimamma said...

Fabulous post altogether Helen! Love the action shots and the photos really depict what a wonderful day you must have had. Actually I think that been looked rather good but I doubt I could have eaten half that. It looks huge to me, lol!

Lesley Xx

PaperArtsy Rubber Stamps said...

Wow Helen what a fabulous post! Those gins looked ENORMOUS! I would have had to have one! Your beef looked deliciously perfect too. What a perfect day! Thanks for sharing it with us!

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I loved reading this post and those action shots were brilliant. xxx Maggie

Deborah Wainwright said...

Wow Helen a fantastic photo diary of your day. Looks like it was an excellent day. Your photos are fantastic, you have captured your day beautifully xxx

Gabrielle said...

I don't think I've ever seen such HUGE G&Ts!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day (you do these things in style don't you?!) glad it was a wonderful day!

JoFY said...

Helen, looks like a great day. Mrs Federer was sitting next Bradley Cooper! (swoon) i imagine that would very distracting - i dont think i'd be looking at the tennis either :o)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have just started seeing all the photos and commentary you made for this post, and thoroughly enjoyed each photo, especially the one of you in the hat.

I was super impressed with the photos of the club and the lengthening shadows over the court. I could watch it on TV, but being there in person and seeing how you spent your day was very enjoyable. I would have been so full by tea time, I wouldn't know what to think. And I would have been fall-down drunk after that first drink, since I'm not really a drinker of alcohol. And even though I'm a vegetarian, that beef looked very yummy. Of course, the strawberries and cream made up for any feelings I had about the beef. And the tea cakes. My goodness. I can't begin to believe how many pounds I would gain if I'd eaten all that. Really enjoyed this post (or maybe I said that already)!

Belinda Basson said...

Yes there are few precious pics of you out there! Glad to see some lovely ones today. You could have put a drool warning at the keyboard is quite drowned! Its nearly dinner time here now... That food looks divine, pity I cant just reach in my screen and eat it! (would save me from cooking! LOL) All in all a faberoonie day. I quite forgot you have this other blog account. I always check your crafting one.