Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kew Gardens at 8 am.

This summer, Kew has been allowing members in from 8 am, two hours before it opens to the general public.. I had it in mind to go, although the weather wasn't the best. However, shame to waste waking early....
Arrived just after 8 and I think apart from people working there, I was the only person in for some time... certainly didn't see many people for some considerable time (although of course, it's a big place!) I stayed just over 4 hours and took 400 photos....sit back!!

the new summer bedding outside the Palm House, now fully out.
Colours that are repeated in formal beds throughout the Gardens this year

 as you can see, it's not fully dry and certainly not bright yet!

 the statues outside the Palm House
 fountain (of course!)
 the Order Beds, lots of seed heads, wispy grasses

 poppy heads

 ornamental grasses

Love this seed head, with the rain drops (Nigella, love-in-the-mist)

 raindrops on the vine leaves
rusty gate to the entrance to the students vegetable beds

sweet peas
 each student studying their diploma has a vegetable bed
 the rose pergola, most of the flowers have finished since I was last here

raining again!
 in the rock garden

outside the Princess of Wales Glasshouse

 brushed past this, should have moved it out of the way, my jeans got soaked!  Luckily they dried quickly, it wasn't cold
 from the order beds, walked back past the Temple of Apollo, to the Lake

 the giant gunnera is huge now

 being there in the week, there are lots of people working away, that you don't usually see at weekends
 great reflections in the lake
 love the bright orange of the Crocosmia

more of the red and blue colours, love the contrast of the white planters along the outside of the Orangery
The Gardens were open now, and more people appearing

 headed past the Henry Moore statue, there were lots - and I mean lots - of groups of schoolchildren heading for the Treetop Walkway, which was poor timing on my part, I should have done that earlier..

 coots nesting in the lake (this is not the one outside the Palm House)
 lovely wildflowers bordering the lake
 but I went up the Treetop walkway anyway, not sure if it was the number of people up there, or the wind, or a combination, but it was swaying - never felt that before!

View of the Temperate House restoration work ongoing
back down on ground level again
 more seed heads
 into the Waterlily house now, camera was objecting to the intense humidity and this is one of the only good ones I got today.
 across the walkway into the Palm House, this was an above the head shot, love this!
 the old iron staircase
 up some more stairs! it gets even more humid up here, and the pipes around the edge were hot to the touch!

great view out through the glass, (the wet is on the inside from the condensation from the heat)
 more work going on, pruning a large fern

 back outside, past the kids now eating lunch on the steps

 back to the Princess of Wales glasshouse
 flowering cactus

air plants

 giant wisteria - this plant was planted in 1760-something..
 so it's been going a while...

 love the giant thistles

and a little stream

final walk across the still wet grass and home..

I could go on adding photos to this post for ages, but figure you've done well to get this far!


sam21ski said...

Gosh the flowers have really bloomed for this visit. What a fabulous array of strong, vibrant colour - gorgeous xxx

Claire said...

Love all the colours, they are so vibrant. My fav is that giant thistle - looks stunning xx

Lin said...

wow wow wow!! Gorgeous picciea Helen! will be pinxhing a couple of these for my journak :-) xx

Sally H said...

Totally stunning! Your photos are amazing, Helen! I really enjoyed my stroll around Kew with you, and I didn't get wet at all!

Belinda Basson said...

Thanks for the virtual tour. I would love to go there one day, it is on my bucket list. I love the shot of the sign saying trespassers will be composted! Priceless! You have such a good eye for detail, I really enjoy these posts of yours.

Christine said...

That's it!! done! Sorted!! Got to go!!! PJ says we can get there from his sister's house so ..... I will have words with her ....
Fantastic photos, Helen, thanks so much for sharing. I couldn't choose a favourite but those borders and beds are something to aspire to ....

Linda said...

Great photos Helen! Looks like you had a lovely walk round Kew. Thanks for popping by my blog:)