Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hampton Court Flower Show - part 2

welcome back! so, lets carry on touring the show gardens and other exhibits..

 another favourite - for the charityUnique, who support children with Rare Chromosome Disorders. This got the public award the People's Choice award. the photos don't do it justice (due to the bright sunshine) it was stunning!
 soft blues and yellows, (lots of blue and yellow this year)

 it really was a treat to see.
 Sculptures - Alice in Wonderland is 150 this year.

 Peter Pan is a bit out of focus but he was so clever, balancing on his hand

the Wellbeing of Women garden, more blues.

 "HUG" - healing urban garden - another blue beauty.
the bench looked really gorgeous, I asked a man handing out leaflets if it was comfortable and he said yes, he designed it for comfort as well as beauty!  oops..

 lots of sculptures - these chickens caught my eye
 Foundations for Growth, garden - stronger colours here.

 back to Alice - topiary characters on a green chessboard

some fabulous sculptures, initially done in fabric, then cast in bronze. so much movement!
 more blues and yellows..

 the Floristry marquee...
 not sure I could walk in those heels!
 beautiful display!
 veg anyone... look closely!

 see... veg made from flowers.  Clever!
the Hadlow College "Green Seam" garden - using relics from a mine in Kent. Quite quite beautiful against the black mine slate.

 The designers were there, I was talking to one of them, Bethany - her first show garden!  and it got Best in Show in it's category.
 this was a tear jerker - Scotty's Little Soldiers, a charity to help children of disabled or killed service people. the yellow ribbons hold messages to their daddies from the children.
 more blue and yellow in the planting

and I loved this water feature on the garden.

 "urban oasis"

"Spirit of the Aegean" . gorgeous.

 love the red bougainvillea growing against the blue wall
ok, on to part 3 next...


Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Gorgeous gardens & photos. I think the HUG garden might be my favourite, I'd love mine to look like that. The designer of the bench should have invited you to test its comfiness for yourself! :)

Angela Curror said...

Gorgeous photos. I wondered exactly the same about the bench when I saw it on TV. Although it looked beautiful I couldn't imagine it being comfortable till I saw someone actually sitting on it and I was surprised by how comfortable they looked. Looking forward to part 3.

Lin said...

love it!!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Gorgeous pictures, looks a great show. Love the pictures. I am going to the RHS Tatton Show, looking forward to it. Tracy x x

sam21ski said...

So do they set up individual gardens then and rope them off or something?


Lesley Ebdon said...

So glad you mentioned there were 3 posts as there are some of my favourite bits in this one. I love the topiary chess board and the chickens, lol!

Lesley Xx

snazzyoriginal said...

Wonderful photos, that Wellbeing of Women garden gives off a lovely illusion of cool with all those beautiful blues x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So many things caught my interest. One was the HUG garden, one was the sculpture that started with fabric. Loved the little gal's bonnet which looked like it must have been lace. Gotta love a chess board that is made of grass and topiaries. And of course, the shoes were beautiful and Peter Pan was delightful. Off to see part 3, now.