Saturday, July 25, 2015

Another trip to Kew ... another lovely day!

Hope you're not fed up with these days at Kew of mine... I'm going to keep going anyway!

fantastic blue of the agapanthas

this bed is going over but I love the wispy pinks

the central Parterre outside the Palm House is still fabulous though
I thought at first the water wasn't on at the fountain but the jets were just lower than often
love this one!

not sure what this purple flower is in front of the crocosmia, but it's lovely with it
and the giant gunnera is huge now
it towers over me
these pink flowers look great with the Palm House across the pond, out of focus in the background
Temple of Aeolus (I think I named it Apollo last time!)
Went up the path right to it today
you get a great view of the Order Beds
...and the Palm House
and the fountain
back down the hill! Into the Order Beds....

bees everywhere, mostly out of focus!!
wispy  grasses

did a lot of crouching...

and laying full stretch on the grass... considering how much it rained yesterday, the grass was surprisingly dry!!

in the Rockery
love how the light reflects right through the Princess of Wales glasshouse..
and the sun shining through these (Canna lillies??)
their leaves are fabulous!
inside, the waterlily leaves are growing..

back outside, and past the Parterre at the Palm House...just love these beds!
and into the Waterlily house - looking fabulous today (but so humid inside!!)
so I didn't stay too long.....

Hibiscus in the bed between the "front door" and the inner door to the waterlilies..
 outside the back of the Palm House, a profusion of blue Agapanthas.. love these! do the bees!
In one of the tubs of red and blue flowers,
 inside the Palm House..

 and back outside.. yes, those beds again!
getting busy...
 headed to the Victoria Restaurant for coffee and an early lunch... white agapanthas this time!
 love them with the purple behind..

 more crocosmia, with alliums
 huge trees... took one of the paths I don't often follow....
 past the Ruined Arch, built as a folly,
 love the curved "ceiling"
 the Pagoda, and some lovely clouds!

 they weren't really going to drop rain though!
 lace cap hydrangea.. another out of focus bee, arriving too late, or too early, or something!

the Japanese Garden..
berries of the Mountain Ash

 Scots Pine bark..
 back through another vista, to the Palm House..
 lots of people walking around the top walkway!

 big daisies (not in the lawn, no... not at Kew!)

 more white agapanthas, and crocosmia behind them this time..

and alliums again

so, 3 and a bit hours.. nearly 300 photos again!!  It was really gorgeous there today, quite warm, very sunny as you saw, but breezy, so didn't feel too hot... and sitting outside eating lunch was great!

won't be going next Saturday, as I'm having my hair cut, so you have a week off, ha ha!


Elaine said...

Fantastic photos. It's a place I want to go but haven't made it yet!!

snazzyoriginal said...

Glad you got such a lovely day at Kew. Stunning photos as ever, love that white agapanthus. Beautiful x

Lesley Ebdon said...

Beautiful photos Helen as always! You could go every week for me....I'd still want to see the photos!

Lesley Xx

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

I do love your Kew photos. That white agapanthus looks wonderful. Glad you had such a lovely time.

sam21ski said...

You've certainly captured some gorgeous inspiring colours on these photos xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your photos are always simply STUNNING. Many of the areas you visited this time I had never seen before. The fountain, the Palm House, the waterlilies, and the Princess of Wales House you've shown before. But of course, I haven't been around always, so the Pagoda was new, as was the Ruined Arch. Don't think I've ever seen he Order Beds from that distance, either. Glad the weather cooperated and it wasn't as hot as it looked, although it sounds like there was a lot of humidity, at least in the waterlily house. I have something to look forward to, because in two weeks I'll join you again on another of your treks to Kew!!