Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Saturday at Kew

I was keen to get to Kew again after the excitement of Paris and then Ally Pally last week... and luckily, this morning was forecast to be dry, sunny and warm(ish) and more importantly, the trains weren't affected by engineering works...

 The tulips were looking fabulous, as I made my way to the woodland section for the bluebells..
 past the Walkway, (didn't go up it today, wasn't feeling energetic enough!)but it's looking lovely in amongst the budding trees and shrubs.
 the woodland section was indeed, bathed in bluebells and sunshine..

 and offset by the bright yellow/lime green in the sun
Came across the charcoal kiln tucked away in the woods today..
 dappled sunshine, by Queen Charlotte's Cottage.
 love this shot, it looks deserted (good timing that!) although it was getting busier by now.
 peacocks sunning themselves too...
 and the Temperate House, closed for restoration but looking stunning against the still blue sky (it did change as I left!!)
 and the Gunnera  at the other side of the Palm House lake growing a-pace
 missed the daffodils a few weeks ago,
 but these alpines in the Alpine House were fabulous.
 as were the patches of bluebells all round the place - think these are white and pink ones which I've not seen before, but they were gorgeous too

 and finally more tulips on my way out!
Thanks for looking - hope to go again soon as everything is growing so fast now.


Jacqui Hall said...

Fab pics once again! At least those peacocks don't hijack cars and lorries like the ones near us. They've been taking lessons off the pheasants I think.

Deborah Wainwright said...

Looks like you had a fab time Helen. Fantastic set of pictures xx

craftimamma said...

I do love seeing your photos of Kew Helen and these show my favourite spring flowers... bluebells.

Lesley Xx

sam21ski said...

What a beautiful and bright selection of colours in your fantastic photos. All the different colours are absolutely stunning, summer is defo on the way.

As ever, thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

Sam xx

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos Helen, everything looks so beautiful.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You were definitely right. I had not seen these photos of Paris or your latest Kew photos. I spent a lot of time looking at everything, especially because it took so long for them to load on my very slow internet connection. But I didn't give up, because it was wonderful seeing sights I have only seen on TV or in magazines. BTW, the Moulin Rouge looked exactly like it did in the movie of the same name.

Thanks for letting me know about these, because it was really fun seeing the four of you over the five posts. So, did you go up in the Eiffel Tower, or just the Arch?

Also, I know from reading your other blog that you are no longer doing the craft club. But do you ever see BJ outside of (other than at) the craft club?

nightingalehoop said...

Just look like heaven picture flowers.
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