Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Parisian Adventure - Part 4 - Notre Dame to Sacre Coeur

So, Notre Dame was staggeringly beautiful... but we weren't finished yet!  We departed by the Pont de l'Archeveche - the Love Lock Bridge. The  bridge is covered in hundreds and thousands of engraved padlocks left by lovers... and it looked pretty delightful.

 the view from bridge down the Seine

Lin and Emma posing on the bridge
we walked along the rows of artists and book stalls but most were a  bit pricey for us  .

From here, we wanted to go to Sacre Coeur, so it was time to negotiate the metro again.
 There is a little train that runs up the very steep streets to the top of the hill on which Sacre Coeur is perched, but we couldn't find it, so we had to climb... the view - this is about half way - was great though.
I thought I'd taken a photo of the steps we had to climb up, but can't find it so I was obviously too busy concentrating on breathing!  The view at the top though, across Paris, was fabulous!
 .. as was Sacre Coeur itself... it was late afternoon by now, but still very busy, as you can see.

 I loved the patterns in the arches on this wall!
 After wandering around for a while, it was time for an ice cream refreshment - for Emma and myself - and then...
 a cheeky alcoholic beverage at Chez Eugene, sitting and watching the world go by, before winding the way down the steep streets (definitely easier going down here than up too)
 Our final stop of the day - very long day - was a quick visit to Moulin Rouge. 

then it was back to "our" stop on the Metro and time to find an evening meal and an early (ish) night before our last morning and the journey home - I'll share that tomorrow!


sam21ski said...

Great momento of our last couple of destinations for the day, and as ever fabulous photos. Still can't get over how kind the weather was to us, even that late in the day the sky is perfect and it was sooo warm, the cocktails obs helped though - hehehehe!!

Sam xxx

Lin said...

Oh that's a brilliant post doing it all again..(I see you didn't take piccies when we got out the metro in the red light district!!)lol..I have a piccie of those steps!! don't think we will forget those in a hurry!! xx

Lin said...
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Anonymous said...

Another great blog post, I love the photos of Sacre Couer.

Gabrielle said...

Love the idea of Love Lock Bridge! How romantic! Fabulous photos yet again, full of wonderful memories!

craftimamma said...

You didn't visit the 'naughty' museum then which, if I remember what Jamie told me correctly, is nearby the Moulin Rouge, lol?

Absolutely wonderful photos Helen. Nice that we can all share in your weekend in a small way and fab memories for you girls.

Lesley Xx

BJ said...

Super pictures Helen. The last time I went abroad was in April 1997 with a friend via the Eurostar to Paris so your pictures brought back loads of memories. Never saw the padlock bridge though, so near yet so far methinks and didn't go in the arc de triumph either. Thanks for the guided tour it was super. BJ