Friday, April 11, 2014

A Parisian Adventure - part 5 - the finale

The end is in sight... sadly!  I've really enjoyed sharing these photos with you and found it hard to leave many out! Although, amazingly I have...

Anyhow, the last chapter is on the Sunday morning before we had to leave to come home.  The hotel where we were staying was right alongside a street market held on Thursdays and Sundays so as we didn't have to be at the station for our return train until 12-30 ish, we had time to explore in the morning, after packing our by now very heavy cases!

 phew, it shut!!
 all manner of lovely - and some not so lovely - foods - lots and lots of fish (I don't do fish!)
 cheeses (not so fond of that either!)
 more fish!
 Sam and Emma making friends with a four-legged friend!
 beautiful flowers for sale
 errr -  more fish!
 sausages of all kinds

this is our hotel.  Lin and my room was right on the front, and pretty noisy it was with traffic all night too, because it was warm enough to sleep with the big patio style windows open...
 Sam waving to me down below!

Gare du Nord station, homeward bound now...
and home at St Pancras - exhausted but happy after a great few days, I had a great time, girls, thanks for the company - let's do it again some time!


sam21ski said...

I made it to the end, but I didn't realise you didn't like fishie things, you seemed to be getting stuck in on those stalls - lol.

Didn't you get any marathon photos?

Have to agree, was a great few days and had a fab time xx

Sam xx

Anonymous said...

Aww, shame it's the end of the les photos de Paris. Thanks for taking so many & sharing them with us. The market looks wonderful.