Sunday, April 6, 2014

a Parisian Adventure - part one... from our hotel to the Eiffel Tower

You may have seen over on Stampingbyh that I've just got back this afternoon from a trip to Paris.. a fabulous craft event called Version Scrap.. But there was time for  a day's sightseeing... stand by your photos...I took nearly 300 in 3 and a half days... pruning them may be hard!!

 Lin, Sam and Emma in the Eurostar departure lounge (we don't look quite as perky in the version of this photo on the way home!!)
Once we got to Paris we met up with fellow tweeter Christine (second from left) and her friend Linda, who were also visiting Version Scrap..

 This is the street our apartment hotel was in, on the walk from the metro station (nice and close by!)
 and the view from Lin and my window.
 we quickly settled in!! it was an apartment hotel, so we had a kitchen (including dishwasher, lol!!)
 it was lovely and clean
 the walk up to the metro station, beautiful gardens and play areas for the children.
 Chateaux everywhere you look, lol!!
and amazing murals in the metro stations!

You've seen (or can see) the photos from Version Scrap on my craft blog, so we'll jump on to our sightseeing day in Paris on Saturday - it was beautifully warm, (hot even) and sunny - Emma and I both got a bit sunburnt... I'm going to split the photos into a couple of posts as I want to share lots and it will be easier for you that way!!

 We got the bus towards the Eiffel Tower, but it ran on this day as far as Invalides -  this is a hotel now, but was a military hospital, where the wounded soldiers stood guard over the patients. It is beautiful (everywhere is beautiful!) .

 Multiple photos!!
 We walked along the Seine towards our first destination...
 bet you can guess where we were headed!
Along the way, fabulous looking buildings at every turn..

 and I just loved how the tower looks as if it's growing out of the bushes and trees along the way!

As you can see, the sky was getting bluer and bluer!

 We then climbed up some steps (there was lots more of this to come later!) past this fabulous fountain

and we stopped for lunch - crepes, and croque monsuir
Come back tomorrow for part 2!!


sam21ski said...

Fabulous account of our journey to the Eiffel Tower, great photos and was really worth you carrying all your camera gear around with you all day xxx

Julie Ann Lee said...

Great photos, Helen! Takes me back to lovely spring days in Paris long ago! Your apartment looks amazing, though! I never stayed anywhere like that! Julie Ann xxx

craftimamma said...

Wonderful photos Helen! I am envious of your visit to Paris. OH has a definite aversion to anything French so won't be going with him, lol! I'd actually like to go with Jamie because I know he'd take me to all the galleries. Will be back for episode 2!

Lesley Xx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos Helen, thank you! The hotel looks great, love that you had a kitchen, but did you actually USE it?? I doubt you were there long enough. :)
I'm glad you had such gorgeous weather for your sightseeing day, all that walking would have been miserable otherwise. Looking forward now to part 2.....

Lucy Edmondson said...

Wonderful photos, Helen. So glad you had a good time. Remind me what canon you have so I can tell col, he just got a new one,

Lucy x

Gabrielle said...

Wow! What terrific weather and wonderful apartment! The sights were fabulous - and I am even more jealous of your trip now I seen what you saw! Part two is beckoning!!!