Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finally - Kew from 2 weeks ago

Normally, Jessops where I get my films developed and burnt to CD for easy blogging, do a fabulous job but when i went to Kew 2 weeks ago, they had trouble with their machinery and it was only yesterday that I finally got my CD's back with the pictures of my trip back.  I did get the prints only a week later, but ..... Anyhow here are some of the pictures.

It was a very cloudy day with the threat of rain (indeed I got caught in a shower just before I left at 11.30)

But first, this was from my last trip in May - kneeling down on the grass to get a bird's eye view of the tulips, sun shining through the petals.
 And the end of the spring flowers in the Duke's Garden at Kew. An area I often forget to check out.
Kew do lots of seasonal things - this summer it's a kind of world tour through the gardens "visiting" different continents and climates - this is in the Princess of Wales glasshouse, desert section - lots of displays of skeletons - couldn't find anything to tell me why - maybe something to do with being as dry as a bone.... who knows!
 The Waterlily house was looking great, and I am pleased with this closeup (thought I'd get some camera shake as the zoom was extended to its 300mm limit (heavy and unstable as I don't carry a tripod!)
Summer also sees the outdoors exhibition of the annual Photographer of the Year award, nestling into the scenery!
Amazingly, this wasn;t the cloud that soaked me!  But I do love a dramatic skyline.
I was very into architectural shapes on that trip!
and neat rows of shrubs

They had all the inner and outer doors of the Temperate House open so you could see from one end to the other and outside.

Palms outside the Princess of Wales glasshouse. Love the shape of this glasshouse.
Finally - my favourite - just as it started to rain. You know how they say you can tell how old you are by which Cadbury's Flake advert you remember best?  I ALWAYS wanted to do the poppy field one.... this is the closest I've got to finding a field of poppies.
Again, I knelt down for a bird's eye view.
 Hope you agree that it was worth the wait and persevering to get the cd back!

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Lesley said...

Such lush greenery. We are so lucky in this country. Having just got back from the scorching south west of France where everything is brown from drought and even some of the trees are losing their leaves, oaks, willows, ash, beach, because their roots can find no water.
Beautiful pics as always Helen.