Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunshine - Kew - and a mystery solved

Took a morning out at Kew again yesterday - and Jessops service is back to normal, a 24 hour service that means a 24 hour service so here are yesterday's photos!!

A bright breezy but sunny morning - with a chance of rain about 11 am - lots of people there early yesterday but was still first through the gate!
the field of poppies were looking good again!

so were the waterlillies

 love the reflections in the water of the lillies.  They must put black dye in to enhance the reflections.

and the mystery solved - the displays in the Pricness of Wales glasshouse with the skeletons and things (see last time too) - to celebrate the Mexican festival of The Day of the Dead. (see below) 
I didn't have a pen with me so had to take a photo of the board that explained it.

 And the threat of rain?  Well right on time at 11am a very dark cloud came overhead - but no rain.  I was about to leave then anyhow, so it wouldn't have mattered.


Kaz said...

gorgeous photos helen, love the poppys xx

Sesenarts said...

Love your images. The lily's are my favorite. And thank you for dropping by my blog. Julie

Lesley said...

All so gorgeously gorgeous!!! Those poppies are wonderful.

Linda said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog Helen! I love your Kew gardens photos, how lovely that you live close enough to visit so often!