Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kew - for a change!

Yesterday dawned sunny and warm and the sky was blue. So, it was off to Kew again!

 Someone is doing a time lapse project in the Waterlily house, and has a great camera set up - taking photos every few seconds - but there was no-one around to ask why or what for!  I shall have to check the Kew website.

I went up the iron staircase in the Palm House to get a view from the viewing platform that runs round the middle section - this is what it looks like! it is so much more humid up amongst the tops of the plants, it's amazing!
They have  replanted the Rose Garden this summer and most of them are finished, but got this bird's eye view kneeling on the grass!
And another of my favourite areas this summer has been the wild flowers - the poppies from last time are nearly gone - but I got some more low down shots here too. I've always liked this type of shot.

The poppy heads are so pretty.


Kaz said...

Gorgeous photos helen, those colours are so beautiful x


Lesley said...

Wonderful photos Helen and those WATERLILIES!!!!!!!