Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bluebells - Kew

I know, I know, you all think I only go to Kew. True.....

Yesterday, Saturday was no exception. After spending Friday watching a truly magical Royal Wedding on TV all day, I felt the need for some excercise! Fortunately, once again, the weather co-operated and off I went, nice and early of course.

I treated myself to a coffee and a gorgeous raspberry muffin on the way - breakfast!

The sun was out, and the sky blue - a fairly pale blue, but blue all the same.  I knew from the Kew website that the bluebells were in full show so headed off there first - although as the conservation area where they are, is the furthest from the entrance I use, "first" is not a very quick place to get to.

It is so pretty and peaceful here, the lovely dappled shade - a cool wind was blowing but the air was warm.
I love Queen Charlotte's cottage, nestling away quietly, out of the main walkways, and indeed yesterday I only saw one other couple when I was here (it was still early!) That's how I like Kew... I would LOVE to get access for sunrise before anyone else is in - but that ain't gonna happen!
I couldn't persuade my camera to focus on the cottage, it was determined to focus on this gorgeous branch instead!
 Love the pattern of the brickwork on the cottage.
 From the bluebells, I walked back past the Temparate house - just loved the glimpses of the plants inside, thorugh the glass. You don't get this view on a cloudy day!

View of the Temperate House from the Treetop Walkway.

 Close up of the horse (?) chestnut flowers on the trees from the walkway.
Back at ground level now but shooting upwards. Not sure what this tree is - I need an identification guide with me!
Round to the Palm House now, the spring display is looking fabulous (see the next photo) but I loved these tulips in the circular bed on the other side of the pathway by the Palm House.  Got some more in the camera on the next film that I hope will be better, but this is for now!


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Lori said...

Wow! Great pictures once again, Helen, and what a gorgeous day!

okienurse said...

I love Kew Gardens! I went there the first time in the late 1990's then my husband and I went there in 2002 to find out about an ancestor of his that was suppose to have worked there as a young man. We met up with some awesome people that went out of their way to find out that indeed John Doswell had worked there and that he was let go cause he couldn't remember the correct latin names for the plants. He immigrated to the USA and became head of the Lindenwood Gardens in Fort Wayne, Indiana. A cemetary that is known for its gardens. Guess you don't have to know latin over here. Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures. Vickie

Geri Centonze said...

Beautiful photography!