Sunday, March 27, 2011

Magnolias in flower at Kew

I follow Kew Gardens on Twitter and saw a link to their Flikr group during the week - when it was all blue skies and sunny - that the magolias are blooming - so decided to go yesterday. Natch, it was much less sunny (like it rained a bit) and the skies weren't blue - but the magnolias WERE flowering! 

Am having a few problems with my SLR 35mm camera so think I may upgrade soon to a digital one....
Anyhow, it wasn't particularly cold and the trees were pretty!

This is a blue carpet - Glory of the Snow it's called - I can't remember, spell or pronounce the Latin name!
I did what I have often longed to - knelt as low down on the path as I could - practically lying -  luckily it was still dry here! to get a bird's eye view.

This would have looked so much better with a bright blue sky behind it (or photo shop on my pc!)

I did get a bit carried away, this is just a few of the frames I shot!
 I missed the best of this tree last year!
And when I went into the Princess of Wales glasshouse to escape the shower, this little fellow was out enjoying the steamy atmosphere.


Lori said...

Looks great Helen! Love the "worm's eye" view shot, well done! I see other peeps have been having issues with blogger too...

Lesley said...

WOW!!! I am so envious of you! My very favourite flowers. Such a treat. \I've just posted some magnolia picks on my blog - not as amazing as yours though - they are so short lived though aren't they.

ayra k said...

Your pictures make me want to visit my local botanical gardens. It's autumn over here though, so instead of fields of flowers, I'll be seeing blankets of fallen leaves.