Sunday, March 6, 2011

It's meant to be nearly Spring

but it was very cold yesterday at Kew!! However, I wanted a last chance to see the 2011 Orchid "extravaganza" before they dismantle it today, so off I went.  Warmed myself up at Clapham Junction waiting for the connection with some hot chocolate (and a chance to "borrow" some wooden stirrers from the cafe....Does anyone else do that - I have a handy few now - they are so useful to us crafters!)

Ok, so where was I?  It was also a very dull, cloudy grey-skied day, so I knew the photos wouldn't be the best.  However, a few of them are worth showing here.

"When" I win the lottery (ha ha) and upgrade my camera to a digital one,I have promised myself a really good macro lens for close ups!

A host of golden daffodils??

I love how these drifts of crocus seem to go miles into the distance. I was cold coming out of the glasshouse so didn't follow them all the way!

I loved how the bare trees seemed to change the landscape totally - I don't think I've noticed Kew looking so open like this across the lake before  - something seems missing. (they have cut back the dogwood along the edge of that path at the water's edge, that must be it)
And this vista looked very open too.

Hopefully next time I go, it will be a)sunny and b) warmer!  Sorry about all the big gaps, I had some trouble loading the photos and moving them around today!

Ok, got to grab a quick lunch then it's Livepool v Man U - fingers crossed!!

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